Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Me And My Gangimuss

The Bumble is sleepings on the micro wave. I hopes she doesn't sleeps in the micro wave. She be very hot Bumbles then!

The Blackie goes sleeps on my blanky! MY BLANKY!!!!!! Good jobs he is my friend or I hiss and spittimus!!

As my blankimuss is not available (Disgraceful behaviour!!!) I go sleeps on little Two Legs bedimuss. The Bumble joins me - obviously reading my minds about sleepings in micro wave...it's safer here Bumbles!!!

Meanwhiles the old boys stand guardimuss....

DJ The Blindimuss is nearly 21 years old. That is as old as little Two Legs!!!! He is ancients!!!! I giudes him around the house. If I don't he bumps into things....

Scampi is nearly 19 years old. 'A mere strippling compared to DJ' says man Two Legs. A what? Man Two Legs talks weird. He daft as a brush (as he says)....;-)


Saturday, 4 September 2010


Maximus Update -

DJ is safe and backimuss and I is guidings him again.

Two Legs says he is not long for this world so I will makes sure he enjoys.


The Legend that is Maximus Spittimus

Friday, 3 September 2010

I Is Maximus And That Is Alls You Needs

DJ  is missingimuss..he is blinds and has gone away...I is worried about DJ..I will guide him if he comes backs.....Two Legs says he is the only cats they have hads who might go aways to dies...

Man Two Legs is searchings.....I loves you DJ so please comes backimuss....

I was little.

Then I was bigs.

Then I was Bigimuss.

I is Maximus Spittimus and I IS.

For those unsure of what Maximus Spittimus means...it means I IS thereforeimuss YOU ARE.

Is it really so difficultimuss?

Maximus Spittimus loves you all...very muchimuss cause you worships me so you is sensible(imuss)

Loves Maximus Spittimus

I adore you as you clearly adore me...you is sensibleimuss...

I is MAXIMUSS SPITTIMUS and I has spokens

and I wants DJ backimuss....Two Legs is searchings....