Saturday, 31 March 2012


This is Newby.....

Newby just walked in from nowhere....nowhere is somewhere beyond the Maximus Spittimus Empire...which means Newby is from beyond The Universe as The Universe clearly only existsimuss cause I is in it!!!
Newby is a bit of a flea bagimuss right now....until he trusts the Two legs enough to de-flea him....he scratchimuss all the time!!!!

But Newby is coolimuss....he sniffings with me and The Bumbles....Stealthy just hisses and growls at him - but after Nu-Nu I forgives Stealthy taking time to get used to my new Centurion...
I thinks Newby is going to fit right in as he is starting to trust The Two Legs - although once he trusts them enough they'll get his bits removed so he might wish he hadn't trusted them so muchimuss!!! ..;-)


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My World Is My World And My World IsThe World.....

...and if you doesn't agreeimuss then you is just silly...

I sleeps on top of the fridge/freezer then the fridge/freezer is the universe...that is a problemimuss?

I wakes up on the fridge/freezer then the fridge/freezer is even more clearimuss the universe....

The Stealth Bomber aka Stealthy goes out of the cat flap then 'the cat flap' is clearly part of the Universe cause Stealthy is part of MY universe....this is so simples!!!!

I sits in a plastic bag and the plastic bag is part of the universe...why is this so difficultimuss?

The Bumble aka Bumble aka Bumbleeeny is The Bumble aka Bumble aka Bumbleeeny.....

This is the order of the universe....


...and all is well in the universe...

...and the NEWBY is still aroundimuss....

...we shall see!!!!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Right...I Is Really Backimuss

The Two Legs has had lots of stuff goings on so my postimusses have been a bit rare.

Now The Two Legs is back on track I can plostimuss more oftenimuss.

My Centurions have waited patiently for me as they should so I is a happy kittimuss again.

I has been ruling my empire with a paw and all is well in the Maximus Spittimus (Wriggly Kitty) world.

Thdere is a 'newby' coming through the cat flap but he is starting to realise that when he comes through the cat flap he is entering my worldimuss!!!

The Stealth Bomber aka 'Stealthy' has finally recovered from the temporary presence of Noushka aka Naughty Nu Nu - who has setled in well I am told in her 'one cat household....Quite how Nu Nu could expect this mad house to be a one cat household is beyond even me!!!!

Bye bye Nu Nu and enjoy YOUR wanteds to invade my silliy silly girl...but you are good lookings!!!

The Bumbles...aka Bumble....aka Bumbleeeny is still Bumble and hasn't changed even a teeny bitimuss. She is and will always be...The Bumbles!!!

So....I is really back bloggingimuss and I will visit your pussy cat blogs soon and honour you with my presence...

I know I has been awayimuss far too muchimuss but I has had to sort out The Two Legs and gets them back on trackimuss.

Now they is I is.


Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I apologises...I as been busy sniffings. Sniffings has made me absent from the blogimuss world....

There is a new stray sneaking into my cat flapimuss and I is sniffings for where he is goings.

The Two Legs think he is another Stealth Bomber and will come and live here.

That depends! If he is worthy of being a Maximus Centurion he can come and live here.

If not I will....I will....I

I will set The Bumbles on him!!!!