Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Maximus Monthly Meow : I Is Cheeky

Two Legs say 'Isn't he getting chubby cheeks?'....I is. I is even more magnificent with chubby cheeks.

Two Legs also say 'He is going for the chop soon.'.......What is 'chop'? I as eaten a bit of chop before. It taste good. How is I 'going for the chop'? I don't knowsimuss....

I Is getting too bigs for my blanky but I will always love my blanky and lie on it - even if I hangs over the edge.

Does any one know what Two Legs means by 'going for the chop'? I is confused.

I want to post more often but Lady Two Legs has no idea, Young Two Legs is not here much no more and Man Two Legs keeps whizzing off (as he calls it....whizzing? What is whizzing?) in funny box on wheely things that makes horrible noise and frightens me.

Whatever he does in funny wheely box must be fun though as he always is laughing about other Two Legs he lets in it.

Two Legs can be very weird sometimes.

....What is 'chop'?

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS and I 'as finally spokens again

Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Maximus Monthly Meow

Two Legs says he has only time for one post a month on my blog.

This is disgracefulmus.

He has bribed me with special treats so that's alright then.

I will sneak in and do my own posts I thinks.

Right. How do you do this posty thing?

Oh....Maybe laters....I is going back in garden in sun and watching fat pigeon that lives in tree.....

Pigeon is bigger than I was when I was littlemus....

Once I was littlemus.....

Now is bigimus.....
I as always been Maximus......