Monday, 29 March 2010

Two Legs Bottom.

Due to the current unfortunate circumstances surrounding Two Legs Bottom....see here....the next Maximus Spittimus post has been very delayed. He will return shortly.

Best Regards,

Four Dinners
Aide de Camp
Maximus Spittimus

Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Adventures Of Maximus Spittimus Part II

Two Legs is very busy doing whatever it is Two Legs do.

I is sorry I hasn't been to visit you but until Two Legs isn't busy I can't 'cause I don't know hows....

I thinks, 'let's go in gardens', so I does.

Two Legs say "Waits for me Maximus!"...Why I wait for him?

I goes and he must chases me!

This is me in wilds!

This is more me in wilds!

This is me sniffing wilds!

This is me hidings in wilds!

This is me up a tree!

I like wilds!

I come visit you soon as Two Legs is not too busy doing what ever it is is Two Legs is doings.

I is Maximus Spittimus and I 'as spokens.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

The Adventures Of Maximus Spittimus

I can't seem to find any current pics of the garden, so I'll settle for this Christmas shot of the Cat Palace. Notice all the trees around. We've lots of trees in our garden

Maximus has been allowed out under supervision and has behaved himself admirably....until today.

Today he went and sat on the covered box used by Blacky for a few minutes and then, without warning, Bumble shot past him and straight up a tree.

Before I could move he slinked to the tree and went up, and up, and up, and up.

All I could see was this tiny bit of ginger occasionally doing a passable impression of a Sloth, hanging upside down Sloth like for minutes on end. He then swung himself onto the branch and lay there, seemingly precariously looking down on me.

"Maxi! Come down here this minute!"


This went on for mearly two hours, with Maximus occasionally completely vanishing into the depths of the tree.

He finally came down the trunk headfirst and hurtled into the house.

"Maximus! Do you promise never to do that again!"

I wonder whether "Meow" meant "Yes" or "No"?

He is now far too tired to post, so I've done it for him.

Daft as a brush is that cat!

Maximus will be back posting shortly - quite possibly from on high!

Four Dinners
Aide de Camp
Maximus Spittimus

Thursday, 11 March 2010


I has new friend. He is wild Tom. Two Legs feed him and now he lets them stroke him. He led me into wild outdoors when man Two Legs ran down garden in his boxer shorts. I like Blacky and he like me.

Two Legs say he has to have operation on his 'things' so he can come in house. What things?

Blacky come in house when Two Legs not here. One time man Two Legs come in through door and Blacky run for cat hole in back door. Thing is, man Two Legs has it on in only to stop me going into wild outside until I is ready.

Blacky headbutted cat hole and bounced off. It was very funnies.

Two Legs say "It's ok Blacky" but Blacky think 'it not ok!' and take big run and smashes through locked cat hole in back door.

Blacky very strong and tough. He my friend. I hope he still my friend when he has things done to his things...whatever that means...

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS and I has spokens...

Sunday, 7 March 2010

I Is Bigger Than Blanky!

I is getting bigger than my blanky I is.

I loves my blanky and will always have my blanky.

And I has found good way of seeing great outdoors without going in great outdoors.
The Bumble showed me in the Little Two Legs bedroom.

I can watch birdies and stuff and not be frightens.


I is Maximus Spittimus and I has spokens.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

In The Jungle The Mighty Jungle....

I is outsides. I have been there before and it is frightenings. Two Legs was with me so I not too frightens this time.

I thinks..."Should I goes?"

Then I goes...but I hides in shed

Then I looks at weeds in pots. Two Legs say he will tidy up garden but I likes it like this..

I finds big box that smell of wild Tom! I thinks Blacky sleeps here!

Then I slinks in jungle. I is LION!!!

I is Maximus Spittimus and I has spokens from great outdoors!