Friday, 27 July 2012

A Gentle Reminderimuss

Must I remind you? Must I?

I 'as let lots of kitties onto my blog of late....The Bumble and Stealthy will always be there as my Senior Centurions...however...

As much as I likes Tabatha and Gracie Mae the Fruit Bat and all Tab-Tabs kitties it needs to be noted I is not slipping.

This is MY blog

MINE and MINE alone....

The Maximus Spittimus blog....MY blogimuss

And don't you forgets it!!!!


Saturday, 21 July 2012

It's Raining Kitties

The Man Two Legs said he remembered a song called 'It's Raining Men' and we should change it to 'It's Raining Kitties'....he may be right but it hasn't got the same ring to it has it?...It doesn't even rhymeimuss!!!

Silliy Two Legs....

Besides....'it's always more important to know whether there'll be weather than what the weather will be'....

The Man Two Legs says that is from a book....a what???...called The Phantom Tollbooth...he really isn't all thereimuss is he?
Smokey Jo(sephine) aka SJ has a personality crisis...she thinks she's a Tortoise....mad as a hatter

Jack wants to be a tap dancer.....tap dancer?...geddit?....I'll get my coat on the way outimuss....

Jill keeps looking up to the Jill...that is the kitchen lights....oh dearimuss...

Marie is the clever one...the cleverimuss cleverest...she sits on lampshades when they isn't on the that IS cleverimuss!!!!

.......and Purdy seems to like being amongst The Little Two Legs Uni's all a bit smellimuss right now...which makes me wonder if Purdy is all there...still...she is very 'purdy' so I likes her...


as does Bumble...aka Bumbles aka The Bumbley aka Bumbleeeny

er...Bumble?....Bumbley? over them?...Bumbleeeny?

Friday, 20 July 2012

If I Ruled The World...Every Day Would Be The...Oh....Er...I Do Rule The

Tabatha is an absolute hussy!

The Man Two Legs had to rescue her from under a car where she was ensconsed with a stray Tom.

Tabatha aka Tab-Tabs is getting spayed on Monday.

I likes having kitties to train up as Centurions but not too many kitties at a time! There is only one of me...well...obviously....there can only be one of MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS (WRIGGLY KITTY) EMPORER OF THE UNIVERSE AND ALL HE SURVEYS - AND ANY BITS HE HASN'T SURVEYED AS YET....imuss....

YOU....Tabatha Tabs-Tabs are a hussy!!!!

I 'AS SPOKENS.........
so thereimuss

Monday, 16 July 2012

Jack And The Fruitbat

Now Jack and The Beanstalk is a well known fairy tale

Jack and The Fruitbat may become as well known one day...

10 week old Jack....the only boy in Tabatha's brood....seems to have become inordinately fond of Gracie Mae...aka Fruitbat....

Gracie Mae's response to this unexpected attachment....


I as trained Fruitbat well!!!!.......The kitties have to earn it!!!!

er.....whatever 'it' is.....

On the other handimuss...if Jacks claws is in Fruitbats tail then he may be promoted very very soonimuss!!!!

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS (WRIGGLY KITTY) opposed to SPITTIMUS MAXIMUS....still...Old Kitty is excused and forgivenimuss..;-)

...I 'as spokens....

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Maximus's Cattery

me casa es su casa is if you're a Centurion...or a trainee Centurion

It is feedings time in Maximus's Cattery....Junior Centurioness Gracie Mae is with the kitties and Centurioness Tabatha.....kitty mum erxtraordinaire!

They is clockwise from the left.....Jack, Purdy, Marie, Smokey Jo(sephine), Tabatha, (Fruit Bat) Gracie Mae and Jill.

They is great kitties as they listens to me....if they dont's I bats them around the head...then they listens...

I watches over them when they eats to make sure they all eats enough....they has to grow bigimuss to be MY Centurions!!!!

Of course, The Bumbles aka Bumble aka Bumbleeeny and The Stealth Bomber aka Stealthy are entitled to eat apart as they are my Senior Centurions and nobody steals their foodimuss!!!

Tabatha aka TabTab has been a great mum to my kittie Centurions....They is gaining independence now and 'the milk bar' is only open for comfort suckling.....(Fruit Bat) Gracie Mae is instructing them in their duties as Maximus Centurions.....

My house is full of cats again and I is very very happyimuss!!!!

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS (WRIGGLY KITTY) and I as spokens.....

Thursday, 12 July 2012


I is MAXIMUS knows that don't you?

This is Max.

He is not Spittimus he is just Max. He is the Little Two Legs Max.

I is The Little Two Legs Max too...but in a different way!!!

Maximus Spittimus is proud to have Max as a Two Legs Centurion.

He is a cat in a former existence...or possibly the next existence...

He is MAX.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Mad As Hatters

The stairs carpet is up for decorating and all that can be heard is 'thump, thump, thump' as the mad little kitties run around....they is mad as hatters says man two legs....This is Smokey Jo (Josephine) or SJ for short...and she is short!!!

Marie is supposed to be very cleverimuss.....biting Stealth Bombers tail is clever???? Even I wouldn't bite Stealthy's tail!!!

Tabatha is a great mum.....even though the kitties are weened she still opens the milk bar for them when they is tired.....

The Bumble a sore headimuss....puss came out of an absess....she was a puss with puss...;-)

She is ok now and I have to go and stop the 'thump, thump, thump''s is driving me madimuss!!! I is an EMPORER!!!! I needs my sleeps!!!!