Monday, 23 March 2015


That is me. That title thingimuss. I is hissing at Two Legs cause he hasn't let me postimuss for ever!!!!

He is back on Blogger nowimuss ( so now he thinks 'oh! I'll let Maximus Spittimus blog again!

I'd scratch his eyes out but then he wouldn't be able to see the cat food and feedimuss me.

Don't go near his blogimuss!

Just ignore the selfish gittimuss!!!

I'll bite his toes when he is alseepimuss.

I is Maximus Spittimuss and I as finally spokens again!!!!


  1. My little Minette the kittenmuss sends kisses to Maximus :)

  2. We are so glad to you see you Maximus!

  3. Hail your Imperious Emperorshipimus Maximus, Sad news here, Foxy (a long-haired and rescued felineimus, and Kevin a really intelligent but light-weight stray, who was clever enough to adopt us have both passed over into the glories of Valhalla. Good news, we've been adopted by Charlie-Katt, a solid heavy-weight Moggissimus with an apprehensive outlook on life. He would very much admire your awareness of your absolute centricity in the Empiricus Felix.
    Ave utque vale,

  4. In the last eight months, I've been studying the Cat language. Yes, I'd left that far too long in my life, but it is reaping rich rewards. Very glad to see you back again and don't let that dear old bugger stop you posting in future.

  5. I am so glad you are back

    This is bunty bunny, but your site won't let me comment under my site name, I is sad

  6. We are very happy that you are back and posting again. We know that you will make sure your human will be on top of things now. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
    World of Animals