Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Always There To Remind You

As it has been a long timeimuss since I was allowed to post - The Man Two Legs will pay all in good time! - I thoughts I should remind you of my loyal Centurions.

Of course, The Bumbles aka Bumbleeny has long gone to her Centurion paradise but everybody else is still here doing my bidding.....except for Gracie Mae The Fruit Bat.

Gracie Mae The Fruit Bat went wanderings too far and there was a car going too fastimuss and...well...Fruity didn't come home until Man Two Legs found her under a bush.

I was so very sadimuss...I still is...

But! Stealthy The Stealth Bomber is still Head Centurion! He is oldimuss now but he still chases his tale and keeps all other Centurions in order!...well, he does when he isn't chasing his tail anyways...

Billy No Mates is lining himself up to be Head Centurion one day - if I let him! He is handsome but he keeps going under cars and coming out like a blotchy Dalmation. He is a bit dumb really but I likes him.
Marie Bug and Purrrdy were bornimuss in my house and they has stayed cause I lets them. I needs a harem doesn't I???

Marie Bug is called 'Bug' cause she catches flies and eats them - urrrgh! She is crazy!!
 Purrrdy is called Purrrdy cause she purrrrrrrrs really loud. It keeps me awake! But I do like her lotsimuss.
Then and most importantly there is MEEEEEEE! Your Emporer Maximus Spittimus.
 ......bye bye Fruit Bat....I misses you so muchimuss...you has the best place in Centurion paradise.
...the bestest place....



  1. Curator at The Pet Museum here, grabbing the chance to say Happy Easter Maximus Spittimus! You are still my fave Emperor. Best to all in your empire.

  2. It's great to see all your wonderful kitty faces. Marie Pug has such an adorable face in her photo. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. Have a fantastic day.
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