Saturday, 9 May 2015

Feed Me!

Good griefimuss! I gets fed in the morning and then man Two Legs goes out and I don't get feds until the evening! This is ridiculous!

Lady Two Legs is in hospital so he is there all day! She is fine!!! He could come home and feed me! 6 or 7 times would be enough! it isn't an unreasonable request!!

How can a grown cat survive on only two feedings a day???

I know there is biscuits but biscuits aren't what my belly needs!!!

I is being treated with extreme cruelty!!

Call animal welfare nowimuss!!

I is starvings!!!....oh....don't call them yet...he is backimuss..... thems tomorrow....don't tell hims I said too.....

I is a starvings Emporer Maximus Spittimus and my belly is rumblings!!!


  1. I have some carrots I could send you

    love Bunty

  2. Only two foods a day?? Unacceptable, I would yack in someone's shoe and refuse to poop for a couple days,


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