Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Return Of Me And The Sorrow Of The Two Legs

I can only apologiseimuss for not beings here. It was not my faultimuss!!! The Two Legs was busy doing other things and couldn't find the time to help me postimuss - bastard!! (imuss)


I is backimuss and all is well with the Maximus world exceptimuss....

Bumble aka The Bumble, aka Bumbleeeny is no more.

The Bumble has gone to the great Cat Basket in the sky.

My glorious one eyed Bumble has passed away and I is so saddimus about that. Bumble taught me so much about being a CAT and, even more importantly, being THE cat.

I is a wee bit lostimuss right now but, out of respect and love for The Bumble I will recover and continue to rule MY universe as it should be.

Why are all these strange peoples leaving weird comments on my bloggimus??

You Two Legs are very weird sometimes aren't you?

I is Maximus Spittimus and I is backimuss.

So there you go eh? ;-)

The Emporer Of The Universe has returned so stop leaving silly comments on my bloggimus you morons or I shall unleash the anger of Maximus and, given my claws, you would not enjoy!!


  1. Welcome back, oh great and mighty, Maximus.

    We are saddened by the loss of The Bumble and send our deepest condolences.

    9, Chani and Sheamus Popoki

  2. Oh noes!!! Awwww Emperor Maximus Spittamus!! Me and Charlie, your most loyal centurions and now with new recruit The Gumster are wailing and weeping from reading the news of the Great Bumble's passing. :-(

    We wish you all a peaceful and calm bank holiday. Take care

  3. welcome back!!! We are sorry to hear about Bumble though....

  4. A sad lament goes out through the Realm upon hearing of Emperoro Maximus Spitimus' great loss in the passing of the Bumblebino. All condolences and sympathy are offered on the Princess' behalf.

  5. Welcome back Maximus. We are sorry that Bumble had to leave. It's a sad time with us now too, my tiny bro' Gerry had to leave on Saturday too

    Luff from

    1. I grieveimuss with you oh illustrious Mungo

  6. Oh Maximus, I am sorry about Bumble too. I am glad you are back and I see Mungo left a message too from Everycat. I wish kitties did not leave so fast but perhaps they had important things to do. Though being loved here on earth is important too I would think. Sending big love - Curator and the Pet Museum gang

  7. Replies
    1. Maximus Spittimus is asleep so I will respond on his behalf old bean - The Bumble's ashes are being interned in an urn designed in the form of a cat.mThey will travel around the world with the young Two Legs as she is determined that the first cat she ever had within the bounds of her own responsibility will never leave her.

      I have no idea what her boyfriend thinks of this but, being the Father of the Little Two Legs I suspect he will know bugger all about it.

      Cheers Turbo,

      Four Dinners
      Aide de Camp
      The Emporer Maximus Spittimus