Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Maximus Eatimuss

Hole in door is locked!!!! Bumble, DJ and Scampi now have to look at Two Legs and he opens door. They can come in through hole in door but not out.

This is cheats!!!!

I eats 'cause I is hungry but I sulks. I may hairball on Two Legs head when he sleepimuss!

I is allowed to eat with The Bumbles 'cause she teach me stuff.

It is good job CJ went to Great Cat. When Two Legs lock hole CJ rip it out of door to get out. He was strong cat. I miss CJ.

Still, I got The Bumbles to teach me.

I hungries now.

I is Maximus Spittimus

I 'as spoken


  1. Maximus, you were giving Two Legs hell with the hole in the door=no more escaping for you!!...Trust us, you're a lucky boy to be an indoor cat...purrs from 3 lucky indoor girls...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. We don't haf a hole in our door. Zippy hasta wait fur mom to put on her leash and let her out but it's cold here and it snowed so she don't even ask.

  3. We hope you give Two Legs a break soon. Two Legs means well. But we also know that you are the center of the Universe, so it's ok to give him a little bit of trouble.

    And we're glad that Bumbles teaches you a lot.

    9 and Chani

  4. I am glad hole is locked
    I was worried about you and so was Two Legs
    no hairball surprises, that's beneath you

    be happy and eat and learn from Bumbles

  5. we haz a hole in our bedroom wall...it was there when we moved here, but it is battery operated, so unless you have a special collar to open it, it stays shut.My cats don't do collars but they do know how to ask to be let out(or in)

  6. Eat, eat, the fatter you are, the better to make pork friend rice from you

  7. One of my cats has decided that she is god over my computer chair, I think not. But it's not that hard to teach a cat where you don't want it to be, all it takes is a squirt bottle with water in it, you cats hate that.

    But this is my place, my cats have to live by my rules, I'm god here, not them. I need to make a one way cat door, going out.

  8. I would never make pork friend rice out of you.

  9. Maximus! Are you eating on the counter?? Ew. :)
    I still love you. Even though you should be eating your food on the floor.