Sunday, 31 January 2010

Spinny Thing

This is hole. Is it hole in door?

No! This is bigger hole.

Arrrrgh!!! It is hole into spinny thing

Let me out's of here
I no like spinny thing

I is Maximus Spittimus

I 'as spoken


  1. Those holes are nothing but trouble, Maximus!...purrs...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. You aren't supposed to climb into spinny things. Someone could overlook you and turn it on.

  3. Keep away from the spinny thing we dont want you ending up with the washing.. Hugs GJ x

  4. Dear Maximus Spittimus,

    I couldn't bloody help it. I gave you one of my 5 awards for superior blog scribbling. Drop on by the Museum to see it, and I quite understand if that's all you do (they're work, awards).

  5. Maximus, you = smart kitty.

    9 and Chani

  6. 2-legs has a spinny thing in my house too. I stays away from spinny thing, it makes growly noises. I no like growly noises.

    2-legs like growly things. She pushes one around the carpeting every weekend just specifically to annoy me.


  7. we older cats stays away frum the spinny thing at our house, too--but mom caught igmu inna wet spinner last week when she were chuckin' dad's removable skins into it, an' she hollered at him quite some (iggy, not dad). now she keeps the spinny doors closed until she's ready to put things into it. she says he could get broked if he got in there an' she din't notice.

    an' yet, she an' dad pays money to get twirled around on spinny things at the fair--there's just no accountin' fur human beans.

  8. You know adults pay big bucks to go spinning!

  9. That spinny thing is not a good place to be!!

  10. That is not a good place for kitties!

  11. Missy cat took spin in spinny door. Missy no like. Missy go in big door under sink and hide. Missy also hide in door with pots and pans. Nice place to hide until two legs close door. Hey Missy cat in here and can't get out... meow!.

  12. here's an idea Maximus

    just stay away from holes - all holes
    life will be simpler - and safer - that way

    I understand from Two Legs that you like the tree in my photo and wish to climb it
    I would gladly have you come visit and I will take you to the tree
    BUT - you must come when called
    and no hole traveling

  13. Spinny thing good. Two legs pay small fortune to ride spinny things are thing called fair ground. You get to ride for free ... also, you get free bath and spin dry. Two things to remembers...
    1) Hold nose and don't breath for whole ride.
    2) Don't choose wool setting.