Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I Sinks I Climbs I Blurs

I is in the sink chasing wet stuff. Two Legs says wet stuff is for drinking not chasing and puts some in a bowl for me. Chasings is more fun!!!

I is climbing wall. I has found I can digs my claws into woody things and climbs a long way! Two Legs lifted me in air and I was worried so I stuck claws in woody things on ceiling and he let me dangle!!!! He did catches me though when I falls.

Two Legs says "Keep still for your close up" so I moves so I can had blurry head. I think blurry head is more fun.

Two Legs says I looks like a ginger Gizmo the Gremlin.

I has no idea what he is sayin'

I is Maximus Spittimus.

I has spoken


  1. Maximus you are such a cutie - you do kind of look like a ginger Gizmo! And my kitties would totally agree - chasing the water is much more fun!!

  2. Your blog is great=I enjoy your sense of humor and Maximus and his friends are awesome cats!...Come visit our new blog when you have the chance at

  3. so have you discovered playing in the loo yet? it's great fun!

  4. Maximus is awesomus - especially with blurry head!

  5. Bah, what do people know? Water is for chasing, if that's what you like to do. It's for spilling, too, if you can do that where it will annoy a person...

  6. great pictures blurred or not. water is for chasing and wood is for scratching.. You got it right lttle one.. Hugs GJ x

  7. I love Maximus, though I'm a little concerned about Two Legs' drinkimus problemus...

  8. drinkimus problemus?

    No problemus.

    Two Legs drinkimus and remains;-)

    Four Dinners
    Aide de Camp

  9. Maximus, you are one very clever cat. Water and wood are just two playthings in the world that is your playtground. Good on you!

  10. blurry head is cool!!

    I is asking you for a favor
    don't go outside

    I thank you in advance

  11. You sure are a cocky little pussy, I'll bet that any one of my cats can whip your ass, ha ha ha

  12. Love the picture of Max in the sink!! :D