Friday, 1 January 2010

I Eats

I eats

I drinks

I sleeps

There is more?

I is Maximus Spittimus.

I 'as eaten, drank and now I sleeps...

ps...I wouldn't mind but we buy him TOP quality food and the little sod eats Tesco's finest bound for the Cat Palace!!!!!.....Incorrigible. That's what he is.....4D


  1. Hi Maxipuss.
    I really don't know why we human beings consider ourselves the last word in evolutionary developement (I personally blame Charles Darwin). I have always suspected that the feline race hold that honour. They accept no responsibilities, live a life exclusively devoted to hedonism, and have a captive race whose sole duty (in your view) is catering to your every whim. Darwin obviously got it wrong.
    I would request you to give my regards to your 'two legses' but I don't suppose you'd be bothered. Oh well!!!
    Warm regards (or rather - admiration) Mike.

  2. hmm cat palace? sounds rude..nudge nudge wink wink

  3. Incorrigible, eh?

    Like 2-legs like 4?