Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Maximus Spittimus Chrissimus

What is Chrissimus? I not know. Two legs eat a lot of food - and, more importantly - give me turkey and ham and yummy things.

Two legs give me toys to play with. I likes Chrissimus.

Two legs say "Get off table I want to lay it"

What is 'lay a table?' I gets off 'cause I has new toys..

Funny green thing is in my house. It has sparkly things on it. I climb funny green thing and Two Legs say "Get off the bloody tree!".

What is 'bloody tree?'

I not know but I like Chrisimus. I eats lots of turkey and ham and sausages....

I is Maximus Spittimus.

I is going to have Happy New Year 'cause Two Legs say so and he gives me turkey!!!!


  1. you should fight for your right to stay over the table!!!!

  2. Happy New Year, Maximus Spittimus!! I wish my cat friends were smart enough to blog. See ya next year!!

  3. Hey Max, don't you know they are never really serious when they tell ya to get off the table?

  4. sounds like you had a great Chrissimus!!

  5. Maximus I must say you are looking very well!

    Mr. Rodney, Salvador and Dion bid you Hellos and Merry Meow Yearzzz!!

    Keep scratchin.

    AJ and family

  6. Have a very happy New Year
    and a wonderful and happy 2010 :-)


    Hugs from KARELTJE =^.^=

  7. Very cute kitty you have! Smart too!

  8. Because I don't do christmas my cats have no idea what it is. All they knew is that I wasn't there that day being as I was camping so they hung out at Helen's house to eat.

    All a cat really cares about is playing and eating anyway. And some attention when it feels like it.

    "I'm god, feed me", the cat says. "Hey, I'm hungry, where is god?" The cat says.

    Well, god went camping.

  9. You are the colour of the table. Use your skills to blend in with it. The two legs will only know by the lump in the table cloth.

    Bloody tree is a temporary delegate from the planet Vulcan ... hence the green blood.

    You are Macimus Spitticus.

    You haz spoken.