Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Great Cat

I know....you is all thinking I is Great Cat. Well...I is but not THAT Great Cat.

Great Cat is where we goes when we is not running things here no more....

I is watching big box with two legs on it. It takes my mind off.....stuff

My bestest friend, CJ the manky old Tom has gone to Great Cat.

I miss him. I is sad.

Two legs were sad. Man two legs take him to thing called vet and thing called vet say "He had enough. He wild cat. He sicky cat. He had good life and live more cause he with you than is he live wild"

I not really know what all that mean. It just mean my CJ is with Great Cat.

Bye bye CJ.

I is missing you.

Now....what's for dinner?.....


  1. Max.....I'm sorry you lost your buddy. I'm a servant to three cats that let me live here with them and feed them and make sure the right channel is on :) so I know you miss CJ...I would miss my kitties, too. I hope you're not sad for too long.

    You sure are a cute little fella. Take care!

  2. Ohoooo, this pussy really likes my hairbrush. Well a little pussy hair in my hairbrush isn't going to hurt it or my scalp.

  3. I have a cat friend who'd like to meet you:


  4. oh,,,

    and hi to BBC in passing...

    the meanest spirit in the blogosphere!


  5. Run free and safe, CJ

    Maximus, my Mindi went to the Great Cat this year too. Our two-legs took her to the vet thing as well, Mindi was so sicky sicky she could not eat.

    Maybe CJ and Mindi will run together until we go find them again. *sad purrs*


  6. I is sorry but I do know the Great Cat is a wondrous place to go
    I hope to go there since people place is full of a**holes
    I hug you Max, you pass it on to Two Legs

  7. Well, we were feeling sad for you, right up to the what's for dinner comment. But you're young and have a short attention span, so we'll feel sad for you and your humans about CJ anyway. He was your buddy. Purrs and tail wags.