Wednesday, 10 February 2010

This happened. It wasn't me fault. All I was doings was sniffings it. It fell. I fell. I was wets.

Lady Two Legs shouted at me. Shouted at me? I runs.

Man Two legs hugs me and says "What you done now Maximus?"

I done nothings. Funny thing with flowers done it. I was just sniffings.

Man Two Legs makes food for little Two Legs who comes homes. I wants some. It is fishy thing and pasta.

I not know pasta but I know fishy thing.

Man Two Legs give me fishy thing - ohhhhhh!!! that is my tongue on my noses!!!!

Lady Two Legs angry.

She cuddles me laters.

I is Maximus Spittimus.

I 'as spoken.


  1. I'm sure you did nothing wrong, Maximus. And good on you for getting some of that fishy stuff :)

  2. Hey, we know that sometimes sniffing makes things fall - it isn't like you pushed it! And you did get wet too - which had to be horrible - so again, that is proof that you didn't do it on purpose - what cat would do something like that and make themselves all wet - and fall too!

    We are glad you got some fishy stuff later - you totally deserved some!!

  3. Oh, we know yoo did not do it...glad da lady cuddled yoo later.

  4. Of course it wasn't your fault, Maximus=you were just an innocent bystanding sniffer...Glad you got fish and cuddles later!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. It was not your fault. They should have never left the vase on the table. The two legs people are the ones at fault. I think they owe you some more fishy treats for upsetting you. Glad it all worked out. You are a sweetie!

  6. It is there fault the lady left it in your reach.. You could not have done that surely... MOL.. GJ x

  7. Ya know, if people don't want things breaking they should put them where we like to be. Truly.

  8. those breaky things can not be trusted!
    they throw themselves on the floor and then act innocent

    don't worry
    I know all the Two Leggeds love you

  9. Look, you little pussy, if you keep it up with the word verification I'm not going to keep visiting your blog.

  10. tricksy things, those breakables. one minnit they is all sane an' solid, the next they flings themselfs to their deaths--an' we kitties takes the blame fur it!! we's glad yer two-legs mum is speakin' to ya again, an' we thinks SHE owes you a bit o' lilian gish, too! god bless two-legs da'!

  11. an' onna further subject o' things fallin' off tables:

  12. Maximus Spittimus - having been sat on my lap as I comment on blogs - has asked me to say 'Goodnight to all cats around the world. You are the most important creatures in the universe - apart from himself - and he wishes you pleasant dreams'

    Four Dinners
    Aide de Camp

  13. Well, you've had quite a day, Maximus. Hope you have dried off and napped away your fishy pasta.

    We're glad Four Dinners' old kitty survived that accident. We're inside kitties so Jan doesn't make us wear our rabies tag on a collar. But is we did wear one, it would be a breakaway.

  14. Oh noes, Maximus! But everything is all right now. (cuddles)

  15. Snuffles can set all your focus on the wonderfully interesting stuffs! Accidents happen, but if you make a habit of it like I do - you may earn a new first name.

    Dammit Marbles