Friday, 19 February 2010

My Favourite Thing

I 'as favourite thing.

Two Legs no understand.

They gets me lots of toys and squeaky things but I 'as favourite thing.

I carries it and I hides it and I plays with it.

I no need squeaky things.

I 'as favourite thing

I is Maximus Spittimus

I 'as spokens


  1. And it is a very fine favorite thing. You enjoy that lovely toy of yours, Maximus!

  2. A very excellent favorite thing.

  3. My cat, also named Maximus, has a favorite thing too. A small boucy ball that he kicks around under the dining room table and chairs between 2 and 5 in the morning

  4. A favorite thing is of your own choosing. So enjoy your favorite thing.

    We understand you have chosen to not go outside and climb tree. Smart kitty. Stay inside with your favorite thing where it's safe.

    And perhaps you will live to 19 like Treasure did.

  5. Oops. We didn't realize Jan was signed in to her blog. That's okay. We would have left the same message under our own name.

  6. We think it is great to have a favorite thing that is always there for you! Sure, new stuf can be a little interesting, but the favorites are the most important!!

  7. Glad you found a very special favorite thing. I have 1 favorite thing too. Favorite things can be your best friends sometimes. Have a great weekend.

  8. Cool you have a favorite thing=we all have favorite things too...You think it's a cat thing??...Happy weekend...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. We love our favorite things Maximus.
    We are Toes and Marbles and our favorite toy is 'nip, followed closely by kitty kable. Many channels with unlimited views from our windows.

    Inside is good.

    Other favorite is mom, asleep, under the covers.

  10. Meow..meow..
    Love your toy it looks so soft :-)

    Kareltje =^.^=

  11. Screechy Cat used to 'as a favorite thing when he was young too. It was a ball made out of sparkles. He carried it everywhere. Unless he could find a tack, nail, or sharp piece of glass. Then, he would carry that around his his mouth like he was going to shank the other cats if had to or something.

  12. My cats don't seem to have a favorite thing to play with in here, other than messing with me. But they are half feral so the toys they like to mess with are outside, mice, moles, birds, snakes, things like dat.

  13. My cats have brought me a new mole to play with everyday, no snakes yet tyvm! I hope htat favorite thing is a real toy, not a used makeup ball

  14. No, I am not into squeeky toys either.