Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Maximus Rotundimuss

The good news :

Lady Two Legs gets up in the morning and feeds me and my gang.

Man Two Legs gets up when Lady Two Legs is in shower and feeds me again.

Lady and Man Two Legs go to work and Little Two Legs, home from Uni, gets up and feeds me.

None of them know they are not the only ones feeding me.

This is good. I likes my food.

The bad news :

The Two Legs have realised and I is only fed once in the morning now!!!


Man Two Legs say I is getting fatimuss!!! I is not fatimuss!!!! I is pleasantly rotundimuss!!!

I likes my food!

No fair!!!!

I is hungry MAXIMUS (Pleasantly Rotundimuss) SPITTIMUS and I has spokens.


  1. WE hare think you look quite splendid in your gingerymuss, have a fun day!!!

  2. You are a pleasant handful and so smartimuss to get fed 3 times in the morning!

  3. Hail Maximus Spittimus!!! Your faithful centurions (me and Charlie!!) think that Two Legs is mistakenmus! You are so not fattimus - you are BIG BONED-NIMUSS!! Two Legs must learn that you are the Centre of the Universismuss and need all your strenghtimuss to hold the galaxy togethermuss!!!! We shake our heads in dismay-muss at Two Legs!!!

    We think you deserve extra treatimusses for such an insultimuss!!!!! Or at least more pizza!

    Take care

  4. I too have been hearing such rumours about myself. These are evil times....


  5. I am not Fattimus, I is Biggus Bonedicus

  6. ave, maximus maximus! we finks that is a most heinous accusation yer two-legses haf hurled at you. fat??? bah! why should your augustness be starvedimus just because two-legses finally twigged to yer cleverness? we recommends you sends 'em for a re-education session inna Amphitheatrum Flavium wif somma yer larger relatives, an' see if they don't change their ways! vale, imperator!!

  7. But..but...if you can't have three breakfastses, why name you maximus? hm?

  8. I only has one two-legs. She always knows if she is feeds me. I would like to borrow your two-legses for a while. I am wasting away!


  9. I think you are very lucky to have three two-legs! I only have one, so I never get extra breakfasts and can neve be rotundimuss.....Treasure