Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I AM STEALTH BOMBER...Silent and so very very deadly...

I was a stray cat. I was unwanted and nobody loved me.

Now I am Stealth Bomber. I was Blackie...now I am STEALTH BOMBER.

I is like an exocet missile. I is silent and DEADLY - well I is if you are a mousey or a froggy or a birdy.

I is STEALTH BOMBER and I is guest posting on Maxinus Spittimus.

I loves my Lady Two Legs the best. She feeds me and hugs me and I is HOME.

I is STEALTH BOMBER and Maximus Spittimus has let me spokens.


well....not if you're mousey or froggy or birdie.

When I arrived I was unloved and unwanted...nobody cared about me. Now they do. Now I is STEALTH BOMBER.

I is a Maximus Spittimus Centurion and I will be number one (...er...after The Bumbles obviously...)


  1. Stealth Bomber, you are awesome and I hopes you and Lady Two Legs are happy forever and ever.

  2. Well met, Sir Stealth Bomber! How do you feel about marauding moths and impertinent insects? All just grist for your mill?

  3. Hi Stealth Bomber! We saw the cool post about Maximus at the Pet Blogs United blog and saw you were on there too! And oh we are sad that you were homeless and unloved - but we know that now you are loved so very much and wanted so very much - by both your Lady Two Legs and your family and by all of your bloggie friends too!!

  4. stealth bomber, we's glad to meetcha! you haff fallen lucky fer shure--that is a grand household to join. you will nefur be lonely, hungry, cold, or unluffed again.

    you is also a furry wise stealth bomber, to realize that you will be furst after the bumbles. we finks she would not be furry stealthy at all as she whipped yer arse from there to scotland an' back;-)

  5. Hi Stealth Bomber! Gosh you sure are cute - um, in a Stealth Bomber kind of way, of course. My name's Mayzie and I'm a dog but I have two kitteh siblings! So I luvs kittehs a lot! Anyway, I saw Maximus' postie over at PBU and wanted to come say hi and I hope we can be furends!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. We are very happy that you are wanted and loved! That Lady Two Legs sounds purrrfect for you.

    9 and Chani!

  7. OH Hail Mighty Number One Centurion (after the Bumbles) Stealth Bomber!

    Me and Charlie, the Centre of the Universe's most senior kitty centurions are so honoured to be in your presence!!! You are a brave and wonderful hunter!! And you are much loved!! We love that you are loved!! Love is good! :-)

    We hope you go forth and spread fear amongst the birdys, froggys and mouseys!!! They have been warned!! But it's nice to love them too! LOL!

    Take care

  8. Hi Stealth Bomber - my name is Pip and I am a cat-loving superhero. I read all about you on Pet Blogs United and just had to come over and introduce myself.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Hello sweet one. I am glad that you are now well loved and no longer neglected. Pleased to meet you.. Hugs GJ x