Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Maximus Spittmus Centurions R U

I is not looking down on my Centurions...honestimuss I isn't...I is just higher up than them!!!

I adore my Centurions and I rules them with lots of lovimuss!!!

The Bumbles is my Head Centurioness...She protects me and stays by my side and nobody....NOBODY...messes with The Bumbles...even me!!!

The Bumbles IS The Bumbles and she is my Greatest Centurioness everimuss

The Bumbles is. She just IS.

The Stealth Bomber just IS as well...He has decimated the wildlife population in the Two Legs garden....

Birds, Frogs, Mice, Rats....The Stealthymuss Bomber doesn't care!!! He brings them all home for The Two Legs.

He never kills them though. They is running and hopping about every morning and Man Two Legs returns them to the gardenimuss...until Stealth Bomber brings them back in again...;-)

Scampi is 20 years oldimuss....Scampi is my DJ now...I lost my DJ so Scampi teaches me...he is old and wise

Two Legs says he will not 'make next summer' but I knows Scampi.....He will always be here even when he isn't.

Scampi will never leave me. Not really. Like DJ he will live forever in the mind of Maximus Spittimus.

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS and I as spokens.


I wants more Centurions for my protection.

I does.

If you would like to join my Centurions and be a part of the life of the one and only Maximus Spittimus then e-mail your pics to and The Two Legs will post your pics and you will be a part of my Centurion Army for ever and ever and ever.

Then like me...Maximus will be immortalimuss!!!!

MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS has spokens...

ps....Old Kitty and Charlie are Senior Centurions already.... just so you knowimuss...


  1. All Hail Maximus Spittimus!! Centre of the Universe!!!

    Me and Charlie are celebrating our Senior Centurions Membershipmus! Yay!!! We are honoured!

    We do our bestimuss to protect your Maximussness but we cannot be as brave and fearless as the most stunning The Bumbles or the fabulous Stealth Bomber!!! We are in AWE!!! They just ARE!

    But we bow to the greatness of wise and wonderful Scampi!! He truly deserves to be worshipped!!

    We say COME ON you potential centurions!!! The One and Only Spittimus Maximus has spokenimuss!!!

    Take care

  2. We are putting the bitey on our human to send our photo in. She says she will do so soon.

    Ave, Oh Greatimus Maximus!

    Your potential centurions,
    9 and Chani

  3. LOL! This is so dang cute!!! Bumbles doesn't like flash, right? She closes her eyes, poor thing!

    ~Elizabeth :)

  4. Can er...centurions fly??

    Love, Wolfie

  5. Oh boy! I would like to help you get a Centurion!

  6. Wow, your first recruits from outside your territory - Old Kitty and Charlie.

    You have a great group of protectors.

  7. What a great Idea, the Centurion Club. I am honored to join. You are so very wise Maximus, you will be a great leader.

  8. Do you get to wear a cape????
    Sounds like fun!

  9. ave, imperator! *slaps paws to chests* we is most honoured to be yer centurions! we pledges to serve you forever, Maximus Spittimus, the one and only, Emperor of the universe and any other bits, Handsomest and Bravest.

    we must admit, howefur, that makin' iggimus a senior centurion has made him a right pain in the arse at our house--eddimus is quite put out, an' has taken a chunk outta iggimus's buttimus.

    iggimus faithfully promises to not muck up yer lady-two-leggs's kitchen, though. he unnerstans only too well from whence flow the kibbles;-)