Friday, 26 November 2010

The Centurion Army Growsimuss!!!

I, MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS, The Emporer of The Universe and any other bits that are found in the near future that are not considered bits of The Universe, along with any other bits that nobody wants which may, or may not be, bits of The Universe and not to mention places where no sane cat would ever go - China springs eternallymuss to mind - er...where was I?....oh yes....I, MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS, have been advised by my OFFICIAL ADVISOR, Harry Spotter, that I should thank you for joining my Centurion Army.

I does.
I does. is I doing Harry?

Oh yes!...I is thanking you for joining my Centurion Army!

I would be far more effusive but I is sleepings and, as your Emporer Maximus Spittimus I needs my sleepimuss as I have the whole weight of the worldimuss on my shoulders ensuring that you are all happy in my universe - as I know you are cause it is my universe and is the bestest universe everimuss!!!

I as been joined by Senior Centurion Charley, Centurion's Baxter, Pussimuss and Simba along with Centurionesses Elizabeth and Princess, not to mention Rabbit Centurionesses Rosie and Tulip...Rabbits???? Good griefimuss!!! I is even more magnificent than even I realised!!!!....and I have now been joined by Centurion 'Special Advisor' Harry Spotter....

The revolutionimuss is coming!!!!!

MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS WILL RULE THE UNIVERSE!!!!.....and why not? I will do a better jobimuss than the Two Legs...;-)

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS and I 'as spokens.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Maximus, how about a while LEGION? There are 13 of us...we will command our Person to induct us into your ranks!

  2. All HAIL adorable Maximus Spittamus, Centre of the Universe and all the bits floating in and around it!!

    Me and Charlie, your senior and most loyal centurions, know it's only a matter of timemuss before you shall be Ruler of Allimuss - just as you are now over Two Legs! :-)

    We are very happy in your universe and smitetimus anyone who says otherwise!!

    Your Army of Centurions are AWESOME!!! Rosie and Tulip are most respected and fierce Bunnimuss Warriors!!

    We say HAIL-LO to dashing Harry Spotter!!! He is so well coolimuss!

    Take care

  3. The question for you then is which universe?

  4. I Harry " Special Advisor" is way coolimus with my Bowler. Thanks for making me your "Special Advisor."

  5. Oh Maximus,

    Good luck with your universe ruling, we just think your cute in all your gingery glory.

  6. We are joining too, handsome Maximus; we've just got to get our Mommy to send a photo shortly...We love you, sweet boy...kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. See, you are so awesomemuss you even rate rabbit centurions.

  8. Maximus, you are totally pawsome!!

  9. ave, imperator!! we is efur-so-delighted to join up as yer centurionimusses--we has nefur had a chance to be so nobly employed; usually, mom uses us fur doorstops an' bookmarks. please be onna lookout fur our piccies sent in care uv mr. dinners!
    Gratias ago vos, valde imperator.
    --nos es qui meow

  10. Hi Maximus! Wow we are so behind and it is all mom's fault! She blames her work computer but we just say whatever to that! We would love to join your Centurion Army - all SIX of us - even cranky Lola and Kirzon (they are old so they are cranky) and the young ones Stella and Gus! We hope we aren't too late (and if so we TOTALLY blame our mom!)