Friday, 5 November 2010


There is loud bangs going on....are we at warimuss???

Two Legs say it is Bonfire Night so bangimuss is normal!!

Bangimuss is normal???...Two Legs are daftimuss!!!

Bangimuss is not normal...bangimuss is loudimus!!!

Stealthy and Scampi don't even notice...The Bumbles is outsideimuss IN THIS NOISIMUSS??? She is mad as a hatterimuss!!!

Two Legs say 'it is only Fireworks Maximus'...ONLY???? They is BANGIMUSS!!! and I no likeimuss!!!!

Bumbles is outside and doesn't care! Stealthy and Scampi are obliviousimuss???

I is frightenedimuss!!! LOUD BANGIMUSS...

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS and I is hiding under blankyimuss for the night!!!


  1. All Hail Great Spittimus Maximus! One with the Universesimuss.

    Me and Charlie your faithful centurions are ready to do battle with the evil Tribe of Bangimusses and their allies the Sparklies-musses!!!

    They are our sworn enemies and will perish at our hisses and grrrs! :-)

    Stealthy and Scampi will be safe with us!!!!
    take care

  2. Stay safe and warm inside on this bangimuss night!

  3. We think you are wiseimuss, Maximus :); when we hear fireworks, we always hide under the bed...Happy weekend, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Oh dear - cats generally do NOT like bangy things! It has to end sometime so go hide for a while. That would be wise. It's nice to hear from you Maximus!

  5. Maximus, I hide behind the toilet. For hours. It's safe there.

  6. I didn't like them either Maximus, I hid in bed

  7. No bangimusses here latelys.
    I's don't know if I will mind the bagimusses without my Toeses friend.

    I have plenty of large water bowls, beds and pillows to hide in...

    Hope you are safeimuss!

  8. furry clever of you to hide unner blankiemus. extensive testing has proved that only kind of bangimus that occurs there is usually not scary-loud or detrimental to kittehs (unless they gets inna way).

    it was so drefful windy here that the guy could not meet his appropriate fiery end, an' our portsmouth furriend gary is furry upset--he hates haffin' him hang about inna garridge fur anofur year!