Saturday, 2 April 2011

A Goose??? A Goose???

The Two Legs is back - and about time too. Leaving me on my ownsimuss indeed!

The Stealth Bomber vanished for five days, Bumble hid in the wardrobe and Scampi crapped in the bedroom - I loves Scampi!!!!

The Little Two Legs and her pet...another man Two Legs...came to stay. That was coolimuss but, they brought another 4 Two Legses that we didn't even knowimuss!!!

'Strangers!' meowed Stealthy and wasn't seen again until he heard our Two Legs voices when they came back.

Little Two Legs fed us and watered us and cuddled me so...just to show who is really in charge I went off my foodimuss - I didn't really, I just wanted everyone to feel guilty!!! (I ate biccies at night when nobody was looking - don't tell them)

Lady Two Legs is still laughings 'cause Man Two Legs was chased by a Goose. It looks like a big fat pigeon to me.

Lady Two Legs say Man Two Legs tried to walk away when the Goose charged but it wouldn't acceptimuss 'walking'. It kept charging Man Two Legs until he started runnings!!!

I is going along next time. I must see Goose chasing Man Two Legs!!!!.....I will ask it to join my Centurion Army. In fact...I will makes it honorararary member now I shall.

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS and likes Gooses!


  1. Um, geese are MEAN. Can we serve in a far away part of the regiment? Not that we're AFRAID or anything...but we prefer our goose cooked slowly on the BBQ. With gravy.

  2. Oh Hail Maximus Spittamus!! Me and Charlie, your most loyal centurions will welcome Centurion Goose with open paws to our Army!! Goose will do great against the Two-legs and teach him never to leave you alone-nimuss again!! Yay!!!

    We love Scampi too and think he should be promoted to Chief Crapper!!!!! Yes we do!!!

    Take care

  3. Wecome goose centurion to our army!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. We are glad the Two Legs are back in spite of the evil... Er fierce goose. Hope the give you lots of cuddles and food to make up for their desertion of you, mighty Maximus!

    9 and Chani

  5. That's one big birdie!! He could be breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  6. Aaahh! Geese! They crap everywhere and they hiss!

  7. Yes, your majesticness, the Two Legs must have guilt instilled and understand that leaving you alonimus is a boon to be rarely granted. I am relieved, sire, that you did not suffer deprivation in order to accomplish this worthy goal.

    Centurion Goose is clearly a worthy addition to your Army, oh mighty Maximus!

  8. Hi Maximus! We are glad that the Two Legs are back for you! And we have missed seeing you because of mom not being able to visit - we are hoping that will not happen too much again. We think you were smart to sneak food so they would feel bad - good idea. And we are still mad at our mom becasue she hasn't sent pictures to be centurions yet. We see you have not posted in a few day so we hope that all of you are ok!!