Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Emporer Of The Universe, The Lord Of All That Is...I'd better carry on this in the post...

...The One And Only Maximus Spittimus, Grand Centurion Leader, Duke Of Catdom, Governer Of Dogdom (at least those dogs who are wisely on my side), Cat God Of All That Is And All That Will Be (if I let it be which mainly depends on how much food is involved in giving my permission for it to be), Chief Bunny (I have to say that as I have Bunny Centurions and need to keep them 'onside'), Most Worthy And Glorious Ruler Of You All...

...has one thing to say. Think before you writimuss!!!

SCAMPI is a BOY. Scampi is not a GIRL. Scampi may be on the way out in the not too distant futureimuss but PLEASE!...Respectimuss!!! Scampi is MY advisor and he is not a girlimuss!!!


SCAMPI is so incensed by the 'she' comments you have added weeks or months onto his lifeimuss!!!

By Order Of His Excellency Maximus Spittimus you must continue to refer to SCAMPI as a girlimuss...it is making him angrymuss and he is getting stronger!!!!

I has spokens.

MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS...Emporer Of The Universe and all that other stuff I just saidimuss.....


  1. Oh dear Scampi...we are sorry we all made the same mistake! We are happy to hear you are better!


  2. Scampi's prolonged life span is incredibly importantimuss for you, Maximuss. We will continue to add our hopes he lives longimuss for you!

  3. All Hail Centre of the Universe!! Me and Charlie are not only your most loyal centurions but are your most cleverest!

    We laugh at all these centurion upstarts!! :-)Hah! Hah and thrice Hah!

    :-) We know better than to not bring forthwith the wrath of wise ol Scampi!! He has the power to curdle milk and give you bald patches!

    Take care

  4. If we made a mistake, we are sorry and happy all at the same time!

    Long live Queen Scampi!

  5. Hi Maximus! Oh we are now mad at our mom because she just was at your post about Scampi and used "he" but if we knew he would have been mad we for sure would have called him she. Either way we think you should hang out with Scampi as much as you can while SHE (yep, get mad and stronger Scampi) is still around. She (ha) will teach you a lot!!

  6. Scampi is a girlie, Scampi is a girlie!

  7. Yep we know it that Scampie is a boy. I get called a girl all the time,no worries. Go with the flow.. Hugs GJ x

  8. Scampi is a beautifulmuss kitty, O Great Maximus. She keeps her fur lustrous, despite HER advanced expertise on this earth.

    I hope I am helping to add some additional quality time to HER life. Please tell HER that she is a great mentor for the Centre of the Universe.

    Best Wishes to you and your family of servants.

  9. Do you have a church? I am seeking a new spiritual experience

  10. Jean in Olympia21 April 2011 at 23:24

    Oh Scampi what a pretty pretty princess you are:)

  11. Oh, some get confused on one of our names once in a while. Cotton gets called he and Crystal was often called she. And we've made a few slips of the typing paws of our own in the past. So we understand from both sides of the typo. We hope Scampi will be around to advise you for a long while.

  12. ah, scampi-lass--we hopes you will be His Maximusness's advisor for long an' long yet. an' when you go to the summerfields, we knows you shall haff left a marvelous legacy of wisdom that will guide Him unerringly in His rulimuss of all that is. ave, atque (when it is time) vale!

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