Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Maximus Sleepy Place

I is sleepings. I is not always sleeping on my blankie. Sometimes I is sleeping on what Two Legs calls a Piano Stool.

I as no idea what a piano or a piano stool is but I sleeps on it...the piano stool that is....Two Legs says piano goes 'plunk plink plunketty plunk'

My stool doesn't go 'plunk plink plunketty plunk' so I knows it is a piano stool and not a piano.

My piano stool is near somethings called a is warmimuss so I likes it. The Two Legs put clothes around my piano stool so I knows it is warmimuss and I is sleepings there when I don't want my blankimuss.

There is window near my piano stool so I can see birdies and things when I looks out if I decide to stop sleepings.

My blankimuss is THE MAXIMUS BLANKIMUS....My piano stool is THE MAXIMUS PIANO STOOL.

It is MINE.

I 'as spokens and I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS.


  1. All hail Maximus Spittimus!! Me and Charlie, your most faithful centurions applaud your rather snazzy-muss piano stool!!!! It is sacred amongst the clothes!!! Long may you sleep on it!! :-)

    Take care

  2. But of course you need a throne! You have chosen wisely.

  3. Excellent throne for a king.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. If you learn to play said piano? You would make two legs a rich man

  5. Indeed, the emperor always has his throne closest to the hearth. May you rule on the stool forever!

  6. Mr. Maximus

    We are noticing you are spending a lot of time sleepings. Maybe this is why your 2-legs think you are too rotundimuss. When you were smallimuss you wanted to explore in the garden. Do you still go there? Why do we not see flashy-monster pictures of Maximus in Gardenimuss?

    Has you become too rotundimuss to fit through the flappy door?

    Kili the Cat

  7. we takes umbrages (several of them!!) at kili the cat's supposition that his augustness, maximus spittimus, may no longer fittimus through the flappimus. fie, say we! if the emperor wished to sniffimus the florimus, he would ruddy well do it. he merely prefers to "break in" the new thronimus to his comfortable shape at his leisure. we suggestimus that kili apologisimus an' bring treats o'cheese in expiation of her indiscreet musings! so say the centurions an' centurioness of missouri!! vale, imperator!

    (peeyessimus: btw--our mum lurves kili's mum's bloggie!)

  8. Dear Imperator Maximuss,

    We wanted to extend to you an invitation to various festivities in the Realm of Capitol Drive this weekend, if your schedule permits.

    HRH Princess Treasure