Friday, 18 March 2011

Scampi And The Bumbles Is Sleepings

The old and venerable Scampi is sleepings...he does this a lot...he is 21 years old and that is very oldimuss for a cat. He advises Your Emporer and tells me when I is being silly or unreasonable...not that I is ever silly or unreasonable of courseimuss...How can I be?...I is the Centre Of Everything!
The Bumbles...aka Bumble....aka Bumble-eeny is sleepings too...Bumble is a lady I adore...but I doesn't understandimuss.

She hits me around the head....How can anyones hit me??? I is Maximus Spittimus!!!! The Emporer of The World!!! The Bumbles is keeping me in my placeimuss says The Two Legs...

My placeimuss is Ruler Of The Universe!!!...I doesn't needs keepings in my place!! I is already in my place!!!

I loves The Bumbles but I is confused...I is hit around the headimuss when I tries to eats The Bumbles foodimuss.

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS  and I rules the Universe - as long as The Bumbles says so.....


  1. Oh Emperor Maximus, sometimes, you have to listen to your advisors. Bothersome they may be, but they are important too... not as important as you, but important nonetheless.

    purrs and Hail!
    9 and Chani's aide de camp

  2. Hail oh Maximus Spittimus, Centre of the Universe and Emperor of all Galaxies!! Me and Charlie, your most loyal centurions, are in AWE at AWESOME the Bumbles who smacks-imusses you and keeps you in your place! LOL!! We know never to mess with the Smacky Paw of the Bumbles!!!

    We venerate the most wise Scampi!!! We think he is just wonderful!!!

    Take care

  3. 21!!!??
    How very fortunate you are to have such a wise old cat in your home!

  4. Oh mighty emperor, I fear to tell you that, in spite of your exalted everythingness, it is impossible for mancatimi ever to truly understand the female of the specimus! (This is doubly true for two legs - this is why they tell you she is keeping you in your placimus.)

    You are a truly fortunate ruler to have such a venerable Centurion as an counselor. Has he sage advice for you on this perplexing state of affairs with the ravishing Bumble-ennymus?