Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Me And My Gangimuss

The Bumble is sleepings on the micro wave. I hopes she doesn't sleeps in the micro wave. She be very hot Bumbles then!

The Blackie goes sleeps on my blanky! MY BLANKY!!!!!! Good jobs he is my friend or I hiss and spittimus!!

As my blankimuss is not available (Disgraceful behaviour!!!) I go sleeps on little Two Legs bedimuss. The Bumble joins me - obviously reading my minds about sleepings in micro wave...it's safer here Bumbles!!!

Meanwhiles the old boys stand guardimuss....

DJ The Blindimuss is nearly 21 years old. That is as old as little Two Legs!!!! He is ancients!!!! I giudes him around the house. If I don't he bumps into things....

Scampi is nearly 19 years old. 'A mere strippling compared to DJ' says man Two Legs. A what? Man Two Legs talks weird. He daft as a brush (as he says)....;-)



  1. Your gangimuss is most impressivmuss. We don't have a gang. We only have each other. So, we hail you, Maximus, for having the most supremimus gangimus!

  2. It is all the microwaves sleeping keeping them alive

  3. salve maximus! how nice to meet the ofur members of yer gangimuss. we enjoys to see them livin' happy an' well under yer benevolent guardianship.

    di vos incolumes custodiant!

  4. Hi, Maximus, so great to see the whole fur family!...Happy week, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Oh Maximus, I wish I could give you all a chin scratch and a kiss, maybe two kisses for you!

  6. THat is so sweet that you are a good helper for DJ.

  7. Nice to see the others in your house. I am glad you act as a guide to your elders, thats lovely.. Hugs GJ x

  8. All Hail your royal fabulousnesimuss!!! Awwwww!! Your centurions are thrillied to see wise and venerable DJ revered in all the universe looking especially spry and young Scampi-mus too! We send them - especially most lovely DJ - big purrs!

    The Bumble and the Blackie are very lucky kitties to have such a thoughtful Spittimus - you have found extra blankies for all so well done you!

    We hope you have a lovely rest from being the centre of the universe now oh Glorious Maximus!

    Take care

  9. Hi Maximus! Wow, that is quite a nice group you have there at your house! And we think it was very good of you to let Blackie stay on your blanket, and to let Bumbles know it is safer on the bed than the microwave! And we think that DJ is very lucky to have you to help him not bump into things! And Scampi, well, he is looking great for 19 - he and DJ both are way up there but look like they are doing good. Thanks for sharing your gang with us - it was fun to see everyone!

  10. Hiyas Max!

    Thoughtful of your 2-legs to put blankies all over for you and your gangimuss to sleeps on. My 2 legs says I am too "territorial" for a gangimuss. I am thinking she is right.

    I do not share, and I do not like to play nice with others. I even used to bite Mindi some before she go to great cat.

    Scampi does not look as old as you say he is. Your 2-legs take good care of you and your gangimuss.


  11. Maximuss - Your gangimuss is awesomuss and venerable.

    You are a fine leader for DJ.
    All hail your Tow-Legs for his care of the pride.

  12. it is very good of you to respect and care for the oldimuss ones

    taking one's blanky is disgraceful!! but you handled it well

  13. I like your gang very much...But may I advise a second blanky for just such emergencies? I find it helps!