Friday, 8 October 2010


I as lost DJ.

He has gone to Great Cat and I is sadimuss.

He walked into the living room, gave a sigh and lay down.

Then he diedimuss. He went away.

The Two Legs say they is gladimuss that they didn't have to go to Vet.

DJ was so oldimuss. He was a FIGHTER. He lived to 21 cause he was a FIGHTER.

Two Legs says his heart just gave out.........

He didn't suffer you know. He just lay down and sighed and .........went.

DJ is with Great Cat.

I is sad but I is not sad cause DJ just 'went'.

I is missings him already.

Two Legs cried and then wrapped him in blanky - not MY blanky!!! - and now he goes to be made into ashes.

Goodnight DJ.

I loves you and will never forget you.


ps...I would have puts up pics but Blogger is a piece of shite and wouldn't lets me.

Hellooooo Blogger! You is a complete piece of shitimuss. So there.

My DJ has goneimuss and I can't post piccies of him cause Blogger is shiteimuss.

I will post piccies of DJ when Blogger is not shiteimuss.......perhaps in ten yearsimuss?

...what a pile of shitimuss Blogger is eh?


  1. Oh Maximus we are so sorry that DJ had to leave but now he will get to be with the Big Cat in the sky and run and play and see really good. WE know you and Two Legs will be sad but just remember that DJ had a wonderful, loving life with all of you. We are sending you all lots of comforting purrs and prayers, because we know it is hard when someone you love has to go.

    And we are sorry blogger is being so bad and not letting you post pictures. WE think it would have been very nice to see the pictures of DJ and we will be sure to be back and see them when you can post them.

    We have missed you - we wish you were back with happy things - we are sad you are sad.

  2. We are so sorry to hear about DJ's passing. But as you've said, he is with the Big Cat and is probably having a grand old time of it there.

    We also hope that Blogger gets it act together so you can post more pics of DJ.

    purrs and hugs to you,
    9 and Chani

  3. Fiona and I are so very sorrymuss. You nust really misses him. He had a very long life and you so many years of wonderful memories of him. You are right that blogger is being bad. We are sending you hugs , purrs, and prayers.

    Harry and Fiona

  4. Oh Ever so Wonderful Spittimus Maximus!!! Your centurions are wailing and weeping great floods of tears. We are so so so so so so sad and so sorry that thehGreat DJ has left for the Rainbow Bridge Olympus to be with the kitty gods. We are so sorry and are very very very sad. He was a GREAT AND GOOD KITTY!
    Blogger has been so evil lately but we hope DJ's spirit will smite Blogger with his almighty paw and make them behave!

    We are truly sorry. Take care

  5. Oh Maximus, our purrs go out to you and two legs...we are sad for you. It's so hard to lose a pal and best friend.
    Love from alla us,
    The Katnip Lounge Kats

  6. We all just read about DJ over at Old Kitty's blog and wanted to drop by and send you our sympathy on the loss of DJ.

    We will keep you in our purrs.

  7. Oh Maximus, we are so sorry to hear abut DJ...purrs to you and two legs.

  8. Oh, how sad.
    Him's sweet heart just stopped.
    We's sending you all lots of purrs from us six cats.
    An I's posted this on the Cat Blogosphere for tonight and tomorrow.
    Love & Purrs,

  9. Maximus, we're very sorry DJ left for the bridge and blogger wouldn't let you post his photo. We send lots of purrs and tail wags to you and Two Legs.

  10. We are so sorry DJ had to go, but we are glad it was an easy and peaceful transition for him; we are sad for the loss of a beloved member of your family...We send condolances and big hugs to Two Legs and Carol, kisses for you, Maximus=we hope you all can find comfort in each other at this sad time...Love is an energy that never dies...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Dood, I'm really, really sorry...

  12. Maximus, we haven't met before. I came by to pay my respects to you and your family because Old Kitty and Charlie were worried about you. We scrolled back and met the brave DJ, in spite of shittimus Blogger. I know your family will miss DJ and we send you purrs for healing and finding the joy in wonderful memories... until you go to meet Great Cat and see him again.

  13. We'z sorry DJ hadda go away to da Rainbow Bridge, but what a way to do it. And at 21 years no less. He musta been a fighter! Blogger's been a peece 'o shite all day!

  14. We're sorry DJ has gone to The Bridge. At least he got to go at home, with friends around him.

    We're sending comforting purrrss and gentle headbuttss to all of you.

  15. G'nite DJ,so sorry to all of you left behind.

  16. Run free at the Bridge, DJ. Purrs to the family.

  17. Maximus, I am so sorry that DJ had to go to Great Cat and leave you. He had a wonderfully long life and he certainly was a fighter. I hope that Blogger stops being mean and you can post some pictures of him. I send hugs and Herman sends comforting purrs.

  18. We just read on the CB that DJ has passed and came to offer purrs and healing Light. We're sorry he's left you, but are glad he had such a wonderful, long life. We hope that with time, your precious memories will soothe your heart.

    Universal Blessings and Peace.

  19. Dear Maximus and Two Legs, we are all very sad to learn that DJ has gone to be with The Great Cat. It is a good way to go, at home, peacefully. He lived a very long life and no doubt it was a very happy life too because your Two Legs are such good cat people. DJ will be keeping an eye on you from above Maximuss, so you be a good lad and give Two legs lots of purrs and comfort.

    Love and rumbly purrs to you all

    Whicky Wuudler
    & The Apes

  20. We are so sorry that DJ had to leave, but thankful that he went without suffering.
    We will come back to see pictures. Sometimes blogger can be mean.
    ~ The Bunch

  21. We are sorry to hear about DJ passing - but it was lovely that he was at home when he set off for Rainbow Bridge. He was very old but he will be young and running again now.
    We send our purrs to you all

  22. We are sorry to hear that DJ has gone on, but 21 years is a very long life here on earth. He is happy and healthy and running free at The Rainbow Bridge.

    Luf, Us

  23. we are so very sorry that DJ has gone to the Bridge. Living 21 years is a wonderfully long life and we hopes that we can live that long. our the mom says that she was blessed that our grammie and grampie cat ran off to the Bridge while they was at home and not at the v-e-t.
    {{HUGS}} to you all and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssstoo

  24. We're sorry that DJ went to the bridge. What a long life he had!! We know Angel Sniffie was there to help show him around.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  25. We are very sorry that DJ went to the rainbow bridge and we know you miss him very much. We are sending you some comforting purrs as we know it is very hard to lose someone you love.

  26. ave atque vale, djimus!

    we is furry sadimuss along of you, dear maximus, an' ov yer two-legs. our mum's leaky face is wettin' our whiskers as she types this fur us. you were so furry kind to guidimuss him in his last weeks, an' keep him safe until he could go to great cat. we are glad he could just "go".

    our heartses ache fur you all, but not for dj, who now runs free an' healthy. may you all be blessed wif happy memories of him. you are certainly among the blessed ones who truly love an' care fur catses, an' we fanks you fur that.

    *soft nosekisses* from ed, nitro, xing lu, an' igmu

    peeyes: aye, blogger be a piece o' wretched dog dung for sure.

  27. We heard the news of your beloved DJ on the CB and came to offer our sincerest sympathy. We know you will miss him, but he will live on forever in your hearts.

    Gentle Hugs & Purrs,
    The Kool~kittie~Krew and Shannon

  28. I am so sorry you lost DJ. I know you will be feeling so sad and missing him. Please take a little comfort from knowing DJ had a realy long and happy lfe and yes he died quietly in his own loving home.. Hugs GJ x

  29. My sisters and I are so very sorry to hear that DJ had to leave. We all send you purrs.

  30. We're sorry to hear that DJ has gone, but glad that it was a peaceful passing.

    Sending purrs of comfort,
    Charlemagne and Tamar

  31. WE are very sad that DJ is gone. That is terrible that Blogger wouldn't let you post pictures. Anyway, send lots of purrs to the family and hugs to the two legged variety. Take care.

  32. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde says, "Even our founder Christopher only lived to be 16, 21 years is a lot of memories of love. We and our feeders hope that the memories of love outweigh the grief of loss."

  33. Oh Maximus! I am so sorry about DJ but grateful that he went so easily. I know your heart will hurt and you miss him very much. Big loves and purrs from the crew over here.

  34. A similar loss in our family this week, Maximus, so I feel for you.

  35. Maximus, just stopping back to let you know you've been in our thoughts and purrayers ever since we read of DJ's crossing. Many hugs.

  36. Dear Maximus and Two Legs,
    I am so sorry to learn about DJ's passing, but it sounds like a peaceful way to go, surrounded by home and heart.

    My Toes kitty passed near 2 weeks before DJ did, I bet they are romping, happy to be in wondrous bodies to romp and play.

  37. I told my people mommy about DJ and she cried, she said she still missed her kitty Talluhla who went to the great cat a long time ago now, so she knows how you feel. I am sad for you too.

    love and hugs Bunty