Monday, 18 October 2010

The Stealth Bomber

 Man Two Legs is not calling Blackie 'Blackie' anymore. He is calling him 'Stealth Bomber' - and Blackie is even answering when Man Two Legs says 'Here Stealthy'.

This is because Blac...I mean Stealthy keeps catching things more than any other cat has.

Mices and frogs and birds and more mices and more birds - not frogs now as it is too cold for any frogs to be out. Either that or he has catchimuused them all!!!

Last night the Lady Two Legs screamed when she moved our biscuit bowl. There was a little mousimuss hiding under it.

Mind you, she screamed louder when brought a frog onto the bed in the summer!!!

Man Two Legs has scattered DJ's ashes over the rockery where he used to sleeps in the sunshine.

I, MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS, thanks you for your nice purrs when DJ went.

I has spokens.


  1. Hi Maximus! We think that Stealthy sounds like a great name for Blackie - he sounds like a great hunter!

    And we hope you are doing better now - we know you will still miss DJ a lot but we hope you are less sad.

  2. Good job, Stealthy! We will never be able to do that because our mom keeps us inside (frankly, 9 would piss himself silly if he went outside and met a mouse).

    We are glad to hear you speak again, Maximus!

    9 and Chani

  3. Hail adorable Maximus Spittimus!! Me and Charlie - your centurians - are in AWE at Stealth Bomber's hunting prowess!! What a mighty warrior!!

    But we secretly think he is a softie at heart cos he brings Lady Two Legs pressies!!! We think that's really really sweet of him!

    It such a nice thing to scatter brave and wise and dearly missed DJ's ashes where he used to love to sleep!

    We salute you as always!! Take care

  4. Stealth is really nice to leave a gift for the lady...hope she appreciated it.

  5. Stealth has our respect! We brought in a rattlesnake this summer but it was only a baby one. Nothing like mice and frogs and birds!

  6. Slealth you are pawsome!


  7. See, 2 legs can't be racist, he has black cat!

  8. Stealthy sounds like a great name!
    We just read about DJ. We are so sorry he had to leave, but wow, what a long life he had!

  9. I was very glad to read your post today. Your two legs honored DJ wonderfully, Maximus.

    And Stealth is simply helping. He knows the two legs are hopeless hunters. If he patiently shows them how... over and over and over... they may some day learn to fend for themselves. I think the screamer may be a hard case, though.

  10. the man two-legs is a fine fellow an' furriend to cats; he did right by your dj!

    an' "stealthy" is a right fine hunter; one hopes that someday the two-legs will find it in their hearts to 'preciate his skills!