Saturday, 4 September 2010


Maximus Update -

DJ is safe and backimuss and I is guidings him again.

Two Legs says he is not long for this world so I will makes sure he enjoys.


The Legend that is Maximus Spittimus


  1. Your centurions were very worried about DJ!!

    We are so glad he is backimus with your royal Hailness! We know that with you guiding him he will have a peaceful and comfortable time. The best thing is for DJ to be surrounded by love and friends and of course by your universal presence!

    Please keep us updated - we are feeling very sad but relieved that he is back in your Empire!

    Take care

  2. I had a cat that lived 22 years, by the end, she was blind and deaf and toothless but still loved life.

  3. We are glad that DJ is back. Thank you for the update!

    hugs and purrs to him and you.
    9 and Chani & Marlene

  4. Great news DJ is backimuss=you all must be very happymuss :)...kisses, sweet boys...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Thank goodness DJ is home. Maximuss your job as his guide is Verreh Important...make sure DJ enjoys every moment he has left.

  6. Oh yay! DJ is back! I know you will help make him happy while he is here with you.

  7. Glad to hear DJ is found! You guide him carefully, Max. Listen to him too, if he is going to Great Cat soon, you not have a lot of time to learn all his wisdom.


  8. poor DJ

    give him a hug from me.

    I told mommy about DJ and said it's very sad when something you love dies and she still misses her Tallulal. She lived with mommy for 23 years.

    Have lot's of fun with DJ and ask two legs to take lots of photos for you to keep


  9. Hi Maximus! We got behind in visiting - we are sorry that DJ disapeared but glad he is back! We are also sorry he is not doing to well, but we think you should try to enjoy the time you have left with him! We will send him lots of purrs and prayers, and we know you will take good care of him!

  10. Toes and Marbles are happimuss that your buddy DJ is back safeimuss

    And so am I...