Monday, 23 November 2009

My Bumble is sicky sicky

I is boss. This is my house. I rule.

Bumbely thinks she rule.

I rule.

Bumbely sicky sicky.

She can rule if it mean no more sicky sicky.

I like Bumble.

You no tell her that.

I am Maximus Spittimus.

I have spoken.


  1. Is Bumble really sick? If so, here's to future wellness for the sicky sicky Bumble.

    My Catgirl was sicky sicky. Now she gets tuna flavored medicine that she begs for and she's happy happy. The other cats want to know why they cannot have the tuna flavored delight that Catgirl gets.

  2. You rule, Maximus. It takes a big cat to offer rule to sicky sicky Bumble.

    I lick your ears.


  3. HOpe she gets well soon too!! Your secret is safe with Aunt Jackie and Mr. Rodney.

  4. Hey Maximus, my wife's allergic to cats, but I'm not. Still, I avoid them as to stay out of trouble.