Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Cats Before Me??????

I is shocked to the tip of my tail!

There were cats before me?????

The two legs told me as I snuggle on his lap...

Tara was always old. Even when she came here she was old. She was 22 years old when she go to Great Cat. That is not old. That is just silly time....

Princess Puffball was blind and walked into chairs. It's good job she no here. If she walked into me I would not get up. She is big cat!

Tilly was my two legs baby before me he says. He had a baby before me???? She was wicked cat he says. What is wicked? She take no prisoners he says. I not know what he on about.

There were cats before me! I am not believing this!

I am Maximus Spittimus.

I have spoken.


  1. Not that's a motley crew, perfect for a drunk punk...

  2. Well you're destined to be a Leg End like your Two Legs Four Dinners I say. :)

  3. Welcome to the blog world Maximus Spittimus! And thanks for single-mouthedly restoring balance to the minimal spittimus existence that preceded your debut! There's a pic of a similar polydactyl cat up on my blog now for you. As soon as, I can get Catgirl to cooperate with picture taking, I'll post it just for you.

  4. you are the most beloved in what appears to be a distinguished line Maximus!!