Monday, 16 November 2009

I Is The Boss!!!

I is the boss!! This is my home and I run the show!!!!

This is Bumble...she is smaller Two Legs cat. She thinks she is Queen Bee...she is wrong!

This is CJ...short for Cuddles Junior. His dad Cuddles brought him here as Cuddles was sicky sicky. Two Legs help Cuddles for a while but he get too sicky sicky and go to The Great Cat....CJ stay. He is rough tough Tom. He is my friend.

This is DJ which means Duke Junior. He is called after old cat long gone when I get here. He look like old cat except he is alive...;-)

He not bother me. He just look at me like I am alien thing!

This is ME. I am most handsomist and I am running the show.

The world is here cause I am in it. Otherwise what's the point?

I am Maximus Spittimus.

I have spoken.


  1. I saw your comment over at Matt-Man's place and thought it was spot on

    I did visit the other blog first but there were too many words after a long day, I shall return

    this is fabulous!! this is the best capture of cat-atitude and the photos are priceless

  2. I can only pray to one day be as wise as you Maximus!!! <3

  3. Maximus, I is glad you no more sicky sicky. Mindi got sicky sicky and went to Great Cat. I am not happy about this. I complain to my two legs, but she just tell me to shush.

    You very handsumus. Pretty green eyes on ginger fur. Two-legs say I am mosty sy-am-ease, and thinks I have pretty blue eyes. I will maow at two-legs to put piccy piccy of me on blogthing.