Thursday, 7 July 2011


Little Two Legs is in somewhere called Madagascar....Man Two Legs is off to somewhere called Sunderland..... Lady Two Legs is working.....

They is leaving me alone!!!!!


The Emporer Maximus Spittimus!!!!!....The Emporer Wriggly Kitty!!!!



Disgraceful behaviour....

I may never forgiveimuss them.

Unless I gets special treats when they is not in Madagascar or Sunderland or workings.

Why is Two Legs so nutsimuss?????

How can they leave ME??????

Mad as hatters all of them....



  1. Well this is a terrible miscarriage of justice. I say you make them all pay upon their return.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Oh hail Maximus Spittimus, Centre of the Universe and oranj light of all that is true and noble!! Me and Charlie, your most loyal of centurions are SHOCKED at such disgraceful behaviour!! We will not tolerate such nonsense and are ready with our sharp swords and spears to give them a good nudge or ten!! They don't like it up em you know!! LOL!Take care

  3. Some hints for expressing your displeasure:

    Slash your tail back and forth in an angry manner at them.
    Shred the toilet paper all over the floor.
    Make large, sticky hairballs on their pillows
    Poop in their shoes.

    They should get the hint.

    Kili the cat.

  4. ave, imperator! we hopes you expresses yer displeasure in myriad ways (the above suggestions are exactly those we employ, an' are time-tested an' approved). also, you may show them the "back of disdain" an' refuse all blandishments until you are good an' ready to accept their tearful pleas for mercy an' they promises nefur to do such heinous things again. but they will; humans are such beasts.

    we extend our gratitude to you, oh maximus, for continuing to BE, thereby continuing our universe (an' thereby, li'l ol' us)! you are imperator rex!