Monday, 14 February 2011

All Is Wellimus In The World Of Maximus Spittimus

I is good....actually...I is greatimuss!!!

Bumble is well again,
Scampi is Scampi
and The Stealth Bomber continues to stealthily bomb any living creature that invades MY garden.
The Maximus Spittimus Universe is good.

The Two Legs universe is a bit chaotic so he can't post a lot for a bittimuss.

Well...that's what he thinks....carefully directed claws in delicate places will ensue and MAXIMUS WILL NOT BE DENIED!

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS  and I has spokens to my loyal Centurions (and other lesser creatures)

(If you would honour me by becoming a MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS CENTURION then e-mail your picture and details to make it quickimuss...AOL are toast in the Maximus household and will shortly be replaced by Orange).

So there.


  1. We shall patiently await your speakings, oh greatimus Maximus

  2. We are offering homage to Bast for Bumbles' continued good health. Maximuss, if you need help with claw application we'd be happy to help. Oh, and Grayce bites, too! Hard.

  3. Hail oh Glorious Maximus Spittimus!! Me and Charlie your most loyal centurions are roasting AOL in your honour and prodding it with our mighty lances!! They don't like it up em!! Booo to AOL!!!

    The future is bright, the future is Orange and you are at the Centre of it!! Yay!!

    We are also so happy to see the Bumbles all wellimuss, Stealth Bomber - the mean lean killing machinimus and Scampi being wise and taking things easimuss!!!

    Take care

  4. I noticed you ended Mubarak's reign in Egypt, good kitty

  5. I am so very happy that Bumbles is well again!

    Happy Valentines Day friends,

  6. We always think you are greatimuss over here, Maximus. That is such fine news about Bumbles!

  7. we will offer up splendiferous hairball sackeryfices in yer honor, oh, maximus, an' in thanksgiffin' for your continued existence and the well-being of the universe, most specially that of the bumbles. an' just coverin' our bases, we'll make extensive sackeryfices to bastet an' sekhmet, too, as it is obvious those wise goddesses consider you the bee's knees. (who wouldn't??)

    with extravagant prostrations an' headbonks, salutamus te!