Sunday, 6 February 2011

Maximus Blankimuss

This is my blankimuss. I has had it since I was first here. It is from my blankimuss that I surveys my universe.

Without blankimuss Maximus would not be Maximus. It is mine...mine...mine...and nobody can lay on blankimuss but me.

I is sniffings it every night to make sure nobody else has been near it.

My blankimuss is my favourite thing.

As long as there is blankimuss there is Maximus Spittimus and as long as there is Maximus Spittimus there is blankimuss.

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS and I has spokens.


  1. All hail mighty and wonderful Maximus Spittimus!

    Me and Charlie - your most loyal centurions - vow to guard your Special Blankie! Charlie with his mean Elvis snarl and me with my Evil Eye! Rest assured oh Centre of the Universe - your blankiemuss is most safe with us around! Yay! take care

  2. Fiona would like to know if Maximus would like to enter her give away to win your very own T-Shirt, comes in blak with your name on the back in rhinestone bling. You would look might grandimus.

  3. Maximus, it is of Utmost Importance to guard your Blankimuss from the Evils of the Dire Washing will REMOVE you smellimusses!
    We are on alert.

  4. I had a special blanket, but I eated it!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. That is a most excellent blankimuss. We have blankies too, but none like yours and we share it with our Two Legs... Er rather, we allow her to use it as long as we get to sit upon her while she is under it.

  6. Hi Maximus! We think that is a great blankimuss! We can see why it is so special to you! We think you are smart to check it every night because with a blankimuss that special you know that others are going to want to use it too!

  7. Awesomemuss blankimuss, O Great Maximus!

    You get more hansomemuss every time I see your photo!
    All Hail!

  8. Blankimuss: everyone should have is Bumbles?