Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Room For 2?

The new kitties are running riot.....that, according to The Two Legs, is what kitties do.

I ran riot when I was kittie???? 

The kitties love Felix Kitten Foodm - do I get paid for promotion here?

Marie also tries to eat the box.....and she's the clever one????

'Boggle Eye' Purdy wants to fit in too...

I likes having kitties here....they make me look sensibleimuss!!!

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS (Wriggly Kitty) and I as spokens,,,


  1. Hell Max, the whole litter could fit in there with the right incentive. :D

  2. All hail Maximus Spittimus, Emperor of the Universe and Centre of Pizza! Me and Charlie your most loyal centurions will do our best to bring order to such chaos!! There must be discipline in the ranks of the up and coming centurions to be! You has spokens!

    Take care

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