Sunday, 17 June 2012

I Is Here And They Is Here And The Two Legs 'As So Littler Timeimuss!!!

Now looks...I is your Emporer...That is clear...The Universe exists because I is in it...that as been looooong established...imuss...

Without Two Legs I cannot postimuss and he is so busy it is just silly.

The Man Two Legs is called a 'driving instructor'.....I as no idea and doesn't wants to there.

Cause he is a 'driving instructor' he is not at home as much as I thinks he should be....but does he listen to me?????

Anyways....despite the Man Two Legs doing silly things, the Maximus household has continued to go increaSINGLY insaneimuss!!!

There is kitties running around everywhere!!! It is maddimus!!!! They is so little...but...but...they is Centurions in the makings!!!!

They is supposed to be homed elsewhere.....but they is still here!!! is 'elsewhere'?

I have feelings they is stayings here.....a lady Two Legs came over to see the greys's....Purdy is all grey and Smokey Jo is grey and white....she said "Oh! Too much block colour!"

The Man Two Legs said "Shut the door on the way out"....he doesn't mince his words Man Two Legs...

Purdey loves her mum Tabatha......I still thinks she is 'Boggle Eyes' but I likes her....she has promise as a Centurion!!!!

Marie (top of pic 2) is the clever one...she is leader!!!!.....Smokey Jo and Jack follow Marie everywhere...they will follow me eventually!!!

This is all of them!!!! They is MY kittimusses!!!!....that is Two Legs quilt....a minor donation to kitten kind!!!

Jack, Jill, Marie, Smokey Jo n Purdy....I as feelings they is all stayings...Two Legs won't home if they doesn't like Two Legs who wants them....

I is the Emporer Maximus Spittimus.....The Wriggly Kitty ruler of The Universe....and I as spokens!!


  1. Get 'em young and raise 'em up right, we say!

  2. All hail Emperor Maximus Spittimus!! Me and Charlie your most loyal centurions are itching to bring these little ragamuffinsmusses into line and train them to be Centurions worthy of your Paw of Super Awesomenessmuss!

    That lady who made that stupid comment is a stupid so and so! She is no Centurion at all! We spit at her silliness!

    Take care

  3. Humph! What an ignorant lady to say such a thing when faced with beautiful little centurions!

  4. Happy fathers day max n mr 2 legs!

  5. Excellent start for your new centurions indeed.