Friday, 3 February 2012

Noushka Nu Nu

We loved Nu Nu. We really really didimuss!!!

Noushka had never been with other cats. The Little Two Legs brought her home so she would have a safe home...a safe place with me and Bumble and Stealthy.

She didn't want a safe home with me and Bumble and Stealthy.

She wanted it all. On her own.

The Two Legs have spent 24 years adopting and caring for cats. Never in 24 years have they failed any cat.

Now they is saddimus. They feel they have failed.

They hasn't.

Nu Nu was Nu Nu.

She had to go.

She made Stealthy's life a misery. Stealthy wasn't adopted by the Two Legs...He chose them.

It was Stealthy or Nu Nu.

He was going to go.....he was going to be chased away.....

It wasn't Nu Nu's was just Nu was the way she was..the way she is....

Nu Nu had to go or Stealthy would have gone.

I couldn't lose my Stealth Bomber.....

Sorry Nu Nu.....

You need a one cat house......and this isn't....

This is the Maximus house.....and still is.....

Bye bye Nu will have your own house now.....

The Two Legs will miss you....

Me n Bumble n Stealthy won't!!!!


  1. Awwww NuNu! Me and Charlie, Maximus Spittimus' most loyal centurions, hope you find a wonderful family where you can be Empress and accorded as such! We wish you safe journey, a long and happy life and minions to call your own! You are beautiful!

    We hope you become Ruler of All You Survey soon. Unfortunately you can't rule over the Universe cos that's already taken by the one we call The Centre-muss!

    Take care

  2. Oh dear, poor Emperor. We are glad that you have your Stealthy. We hope Nu-Nu finds her own personal palace. We are sure your Two-Legs did what they could for her.

  3. We are sorry this didn't work out. It's heart breaking. We are purring and praying that she finds her furever home soon.

  4. Nu Nu Update.....She has now got a home all to herself and is revelling in it!!!!

    I is well pleasedimuss....

    Maximus Spittimus, Emporer of Everything

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