Saturday, 14 January 2012

Noushka Nu Nu What??????

Nu Nu is....I am led to believe...staying in the realm of Maximus (Wriggly Kitty) Spittimus.

This is coolimuss. This is fineimuss.

Providing she behavesimuss!!!

She won't you know....the Two legs knows it....The Bumbles knows it....I knows it.

Still...if we don't give her a home then who will???

Bumble aka The Bumble is cool with it...she bopped Nu Nu on the head and Nu Nu knew her placeimuss..

The Stealth Bomber touched noses so I thought it was fineimuss...

Then? Since? He runs away from her and she chases him...

Stealthy runs away?????

He really is daft as a brushimuss!!!!

Stealthy?....Sort it out Centurion Stealth Bomber.....

Sort it out!

She is Noushka Nu Nu...the latest Centurioness in The Maximus (Wriggly Kitty) Spittimus Army

I is Maximus (Wriggly Kitty) Spittimus....

...and I has spokens


  1. All Hail Empress Nu-Nu!

    No, hang on - that's not right!

    All Hail Maximus Spittamus, Centre of the Universe! Me and Charlie your most loyal centurions are appalled at Empress - erm - Centurioness Nu-Nu's cheekiness! :-) She even chases the Stealth Bomber!! Oh dearimuss!

    Maybe the Bumbles will teach her some manners!

    We are so glad you have expanded your family to include gorgeous Nu-Nu! She is just lovely!

    Take care

  2. Maximus, you are indeed great and gracious for allowing Noushka to live with you. She is quite lovely and looks a bit cheeky in her portrait :)

  3. Well, we LOVE Terrible, Bad, Unpredictable cats...NuNu sounds Purrfect to us!