Monday, 2 January 2012

A Happy Maximus New Year!!!

I as not posted for a bit cause I as been sniffings........

A new cat is here. She is called Noushka. She is not a cat, she is a cow. I as batted her ears. I will not have any pics of Nu-Nu, as the Two Legs call her, until she learns to behave.

Chrissimuss was cool! I got to eat lots of Turkey and sausage meat and ham and pork and anything elses that the Two legs gave me.....except brussel sprouts...they is 'orribleimuss!!!

I got presentimusses!!! I got Catnip mouses and toys to tear to bits!!!! Bumble and Stealth Bomber got presentimusses too cause they are loyal to Maximus...

Nu-Nu got a big cage to live in cause she won't behave...she will learn that this is Maximus land and she must behave!!!!

(Actually Noushka was rescued by daughter Jacqui. She's 18 months old and has had no socialisation with either cats or people - as my scars would show - we are trying to integrate her into our home. If we fail she will be rehomed to a 'one cat' household. I'll let you know how it goes. A gorgeous looking completely neurotic Torty nicknamed 'Psycho Kitty by me)....4D aka Man Two Legs aka Aide de Camp to Maximus Spittimus...

Be quiet Two Legs...this is my blog!!!

I had to sleeps off all the Turkey and sausage meat and ham an pork on my blanky....

The Bumbles let me sleeps with her on her chair again...Nobody but Maximus Spittimus gets to sleeps on The Bumbles chair!!!

 I needed more sleeps with Stealthy too as I had eaten so much Turkey and stuffing and I was stuffings!!!!

.....and I wishes my Centurion kitties and rabbits and doggies a Happy New Year with lots of mouses to chase and lots of trees to climb and lots of nice places to go sniffings....



  1. LOL dood I love the last picture there. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy 2012! Sounds like things are a bit too interesting right now, with the rescued girl. Good luck with her, either with socialization or with finding her a home in which she can be an only cat.

  3. All hail Maximus Spittimus, Centre of the Universe!! Me and Charlie your most loyal centurions wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

    We are so happy that your royalness had a Feast suited to your Emperorness and that you were not given the hated Brussel Sprouts! We spits out the Brussels Sprouts! Bleagh!

    Awwww Noushka!! We hope she becomes one of your centurions soon! We hope she gravitates to your Supreme Centredness! Hooorah!

    We are honoured to see the Stealth Bomber and The Bumbles sharing your light and space!

    Oh you have so spoken! Yay!:-)

    Take care

  4. Happy New year to you too, oh great and wise and wonderful Maximus Spittimus :D

    9, Chani and Sheamus Popoki

  5. cheers to a great 2012....

    BTW - there are great articles on about socializing cats

  6. Happy New Year! We say good luck with Nu-Nu...Paws crossed she decides other cats aren't Monsters and wants to become a Centurioness.
    We have been exceptionally naughty lately, we aim to make you proud!

  7. Hello Maximus! hope this year bring you a lot mo great thins! Happy new yer!

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