Saturday, 19 November 2011

Two Legs Is An Idiotimuss!!!!

Two Legs thought the computer tower was wasn't

Two Legs got another computer tower and installed it.

Two Legs had all his passwords on old tower and couldn't remember them.

Maximus couldn't blog because Two Legs is an IDIOTIMUSS!!!!!!!

Now Two Legs has plugged in old tower and got passwords back Maximus can blog again.

Now he is plugging new tower back inimuss.

"Er...Two Legs?"

"Yes Maximus?"

"Have you wrtten downimuss all those passwords?"

"Oh!...Oh yeah!...Good idea Maximus!"



  1. Humans! There is only one password: MAXIMUS!

  2. All Hail most glorious and much-missed Centre of the Universe!! Me and Charlie your most loyal centurions are now weeping for joy-imuss at your return!! We HAIL and HEART you!! Yay!!

    We decide to hold back Two-Legs's mince pie for keeping you away from us!

    Take care

  3. So happy to see you backimus, Maximus!!!

  4. Honestly, Two Legs, hey? Daft git. Good to see you back.

  5. Where is picturmus of long lost Maximuss?

  6. I understand your frustration! Humans are so slow sometimes! Princess Treasure

  7. we is happimus to see that mr dinners haf regained his eptness! wif you to guide him, he should make a complete recovery!!