Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Man Two Legs came downstairs this morning. Scampi had been a bit wobblymuss lately. I think we all knew he was nearing the end.

Still, 22 years is a good age for a cat! He had been sleeping on an armchair for two weeks and Scampi never slept in any chair.....he slept outside in all weathers and only came in when he was sickimuss - and even then the Two Legs had to wear thick gloves to take him to the Vets!!!!

The Two Legs put a blanky in the kitchen near the cat flap so he could run out when he wanted. Scampi slept on his blankymuss. He stopped running out of the cat flap.

He was lying on his blanky in the kitchen. When man Two Legs walked in to put the kettle on - what is kettle? - Scampi meowed.

Man Two Legs picked him up - that was when I knew. NOBODY. NOBODY ever picked up Scampi.

Man Two Legs carried him to water bowlimuss and tried to get him to drink. He meowed again and Man Two Legs put him back on his blanky.

His will was still there but his old body was letting him down.

Man Two Legs called Lady Two Legs and Little Two Legs and they stroked him and kissed him and he went. Just like that.

Seconds before he went he did something oddimuss.

When his sister, Tiddler, was here he used to put his right paw on her head.

He raised his right paw and held it in mid-air for a while......then he went.

My Scampi has gone.

I am bereft....I am inconsolableimuss....I am hungry....

Feed me!

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS and I has lost my Scampi....now FEED ME!!!!
Bye old friend...sleep tight...Fourdinners, Caz and Jax  xxxxxx


  1. Safe Journey across the Bridge Scampi!! We know you are loved and will be missed....

  2. Scampi, we are so happy to know Tiddler was there to hold your Angel Paw as you passed, and you had so much love while you were here.
    All Hail Scampi!
    You all have our condolences.

  3. I am so sad, Scampi, but at the same time I know there is a time to go... The most important thing is to remember you had a sweet life and you left this world surrounded by people (and animals) who love you!

  4. Oh no. :-(

    Dearest most venerable and most loved wonderful Scampi. Me and Charlie, Maximus Spittamus' most loyal centurions, are feeling very sad and bereft. We are so so so so sad to read this. We know you've lived a good and long and most adventurous life but we shall miss you so much. You are and were a true warrior! Rest in peace sweet one.

    We also hope that Two Legs feed our Centre of the Universe asap - there will be no slacking in Scampi's honour! :-)

    Take care

  5. Oh, Maximus. I am so sorry abouts your dear Scampi. It sounds like he had a Most Wonderful life and I bet he is chasing mice at the Bridge with Tiddler right now.

    And I hope you get fed real soon.

    Gentle wiggles & Wags,

  6. I'm so glad that Scampi passed peacefully and that he seemed to find Tiddler waiting for him.

    Our hearts hurt for you loss & we hope you can remember the many, many happy years you all had.

    Nubbin wiggles & Hugs,
    Oskar & Pam

  7. Godspeed, Scampi. It seems that you had a wonderful, long life and a peaceful passing surrounded by those who loved you so dearly. No Being could ask for better.

    Purrs from us and Blessings and Peace to all.

  8. We are so sorry to hear about Scampi. Hugs and purrs to you, Maximus. And we hope you were fed very well too.

  9. Maximus
    We are truly sorry to hear about your Scampi.We know too he is in a better place now running free with Tiddler. Now it's time for you to eat.


  10. Aw, doood... Scampi lived a long, long time but I know it still stings. I do like the idea that Tiddler came to show him the way to the Bridge. It's nice to know that someone is gonna show him where all the awesome and fun stuff is right off the bat.

    Head bumps for your people...

  11. What a lovely way to go. Sympathy to all x

  12. We are sad for all of you for the loss of Scampi. It sure sounds like he had one heck of a good life. Lots of purrs and hugs coming your way. Take care.

  13. The Museum gang sends you all big hugs and purrs for the loss of Scampi. It sounds like he went very perfectly and gently, and perhaps his sister was there to walk over to the other side with him? But it is so hard to miss a friend. With lotsa love...

  14. ((((all the kitties n dinners gang)))))

  15. Dear Maximus,
    My deepest sympathy to you and your Two Legs fambly. Scampi had the best home possible and shared much knowledge with you during his life.

    My girl Marbles sends you and your furred housemates may rumbly, wheezy purrs. She lost her housemate of 13+ years nearly 1 year ago...

    I had to type this as my eyes leaked.

  16. Forgive us for not coming over sooner, we only just saw that sweet Scampi had left. We are so sorry but we know that Scampi had a most excellent life with you. Sending you purrs and love

    Oliver and Gerry

  17. Oh, Maximus, we're sorry we are so late coming by to leave our condolences for the loss of your Scampi. 22 years is a long life for a cat, but we always hate to say good-bye. We know you are all missing him very much. Purrs and woofs from all of us.

  18. Maximus, I am sorry. I am glad you were all with him. I hope you have been fed. (Feddimus?)

  19. ah, lad. *sigh* ... errrrm, your emperornessimus! we abase ourselfs for our extended absence and beg you allow us to extend our heartfelt condolences upon the loss of the venerable and wise scampimus. our mommer's face rained on us as she read out the news.

    we beliefs he was led away into the glorious world reserved for Good Cats by Tiddler (no crossin' any rivers inna boat for HIM, we are quite sure), an' we rejoices that he blessed you all wif his presence for so long.

    gentle headbonks an' soft purrrrrrrs to you an' all the imperial fambly frum yer centurions edmund, nitro, xinglu, an' igmu

  20. Maximus's absense is purely due to FourDinners being technologically inept...he will return shortly!!!!

  21. we awaits his glorious return wif humble patience, an' a fervent hope that mr dinners's technology will haf a smooth upgrade and return to eptness once again.