Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Maximus Is Busymuss

My Glorious Centurions,

I, Maximus Spittimus, Emporer Of The Universe, Lord Of All I Survey and any bits that I don't, has been very busymuss.

I is directing operations on my garden. The pond that has fishies must be accessable so I can catch fishies.

As MY garden takes shapeimuss I may only post irregularly....

You must be patient my Centurions...MY garden has to be just right...



  1. Me and Charlie, your most loyal centurions, offer to crack that whip-muss harder to get Two Legs to work faster!! We hope that your most sacred Garden and Pond with Fishimuss will be finished to your exact and divine standards!! But Two Legs Must Get A Move On!

    Take care

  2. Maximus, we offer our paws to come help dig holes! Although, we *may* do some depositing as well in said holes.

  3. HEY! Ask two legs why I was never invited to his blog!

  4. Hi Maximus! We understand that you will be busy right now - we will come by and visit when you do get a chance (when mom is caught up that is - she is still so behind!) But we will always be by (and we still haven't joined the centurions yet because of mom being such a slacker).

  5. What happened to Two Legs? He no want anybody on his blog? Invitation only it say when hitting the link. What we not good enough for Two Legs?