Wednesday, 8 December 2010



Let's get this straight.

I am Bumble.

I am Queen Bee around here.

This house, this universe, this world IS MINE....if I want it...I don't...I am merely ensuring the ONE who should have it gets it.

Maximus Spittimus will rule one day - it is clearly his destiny - but for now.....


Got it?

That is not to say that all of you who admire and rightly adore Maximus should suddenly admire Bumble more.

Maximus Spittimus IS THE EMPORER OF THE UNIVERSE........he just needs me to guide him a lot....

Well...alright...the lights are on and nobody is home but there you that so different to Obama or Cameron or Putin?......Of course it isn't!!!!

Maximus is young and inexperienced in the ways of the universe....I WILL PROTECT HIM AND TEACH HIM!!

Maximus Spittimus will reach his destiny and anyone who stands in the way of HIS destiny will deal with ME!

I am BUMBLE.....I am The Bumbles.....

I am the Protector and Defender of Maximus Spittimus.

The World will end or the World will accept Maximus Spittimus as it's saviour..... I supposed to say you dictated this Maximus?


That was a joke...

I is Junior Two Legs Bestist Baby and I is in charge until I decide Maximus is ready!!!

(I is in charge for a loooooong time).....;-)

I is BUMBLE and YOU don't mess with me....You really don't. is beautiful and gentle really....but I is female.....


  1. Hi Bumble! We think it is great that you help Maximus - he is still young so he does need to have good advisors like you! We know because we have young kitties here too - they are quick learners at least! And we know you will guide him well!

  2. Maximus is lucky to have you to guide him!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Oh hail glorious Bumble!!! Me and Charlie, Maximus Spittimus's most loyal centurions, are in AWE!! And most confused as to whom to HAIL!!!! We worship the ground The Centre of the Universe Walks but now we know he is GUIDED by almighty Bumble!!

    Our little brains are hurting!!! But we hail Bumbles - Guide Supreme of Mighty Maximus Spittimus!!

    :-) Take care