Thursday, 26 August 2010

I Is Chewings

 I is chewings somethings. I has no idea what I is chewings but I likes chewings. 

I is chewings something from lady Two Legs car. She had to take it out to fit in all the stuffs little Two Legs is takings to her other house for Uni.

Lady Two Legs took young Two Legs away to her other house. It is rented for Uni they say. What is a Uni? Is it a cat? I hopes it isn't a dog as I loves little Two Legs and I is angry if she is having anything to do with dogs.

I doesn't not like dogs - they has Four Legs like me and is furry like me so is more sensible than Two Legs but they is dumb and makes funny noises.

Blackie watched me chewings but didn't want to chew. Blackie has brighty eyes

The Bumbles turned a blind eye to my chewings......turned a blind eye? I is jokey Maximus now! The Bumbles only has one eye. It was joke. YOU WILL LAUGH AT MY JOKEIMUSSES!!!

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS and I has spokens and jokens too!!!

I is handsomest and cleverist Maximus and I loves you being here with me........I will share a purr x


  1. So good to see you silly Maximus; 3 gorgeous kitties on your blog today!...We hope Lady Two Legs is not cheating on you with a dog; paws crossed for you, sweetie :)...kisses, handsome friend...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Oh great and most hilarious Spittamus Maximus! Your centurions are laughing - yes laughing!!- at your funniest joke ever in the whole universe that you rule and are the centre of!

    Bumbles and Blackie are very lucky (we rhyme!) to share your light while you chew whatever it is you are chewing!

    We wish little lady two legs all the best with her Uni. If it is a doggie we will track it down and tickle it and make it play fetch!

    We promise not to wear corsets next time you deem to share with us any more jokes!

    Take care

  3. Yes, you're a funny chap :) Keep rocking Max!


  4. Hahahaha! You are an excellent jokermakimus, Maximus!

  5. Maximus, you are side-splittimuss! You made our day!

  6. That is good jokey, Maximus. Be careful what you chews,tho. I has chewed something and it give me the tummyache and throw up hairballs and dinner.

    Hairballs must go, but dinner should stay inside.

    Stay away from weird wheeliebin ladies, Mr. Max.

  7. Hi Maximus! We are behind in visiting - but we did have to stop by and say hello! And we think you look very cute while you are chewing! It sounds like you have a lot going on at your house right now - we hope it goes well!

  8. I have caught up on all your latests post Maximus
    you are brilliant but of course you know that

  9. Yew ar funee, maximus.
    I like chewings too, but mine keep coming back out...hairball shaped sections of plastic bags.

    i am compelled to and it makes my two-legs go 'eeww' LOUD!!

    Toes D Kat