Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Maximus Monthly Meow

Two Legs says he has only time for one post a month on my blog.

This is disgracefulmus.

He has bribed me with special treats so that's alright then.

I will sneak in and do my own posts I thinks.

Right. How do you do this posty thing?

Oh....Maybe laters....I is going back in garden in sun and watching fat pigeon that lives in tree.....

Pigeon is bigger than I was when I was littlemus....

Once I was littlemus.....

Now is bigimus.....
I as always been Maximus......


  1. Of Maximus, you are fantasticus! Mommy wishes she had paid more attention in Latin class, now! Who would've guessed that she really DID need to remember all those d@mn delensions!?!
    xx lounge kats

  2. You are so gorgeous!

    *have a nice weekends*

  3. Maximus, we miss you and hope you can bribe or sweet talk Two Legs into posting a little more often!...Glad to hear you are enjoying great adventures outside...Love your photos; Maximus, you have always been a beautimus kitty!!...Kisses...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Awwwww! Maximus Spittimus!!!

    Your faithful centurions are grateful for your presence even if it is for once-a-month only. But we think we found a magic potion that might convince Two-Legs of the folly of such a decision.

    The label on the bottle says "Alcohol".


    Take care

  5. Eat those Pigeomusi and get bigger!

  6. Maximus, apes have a saying "less is more" - generally we think apes are a bit thick, but we know that if they don't get to work, we don't get any fuuds. So we'll enjoy your monthly posts and hope your Dad gets on ok with his work so you don't have to resort to eating pigeons.


  7. We have been having the same problem with mom and dad getting ready to adopt a little girl. They tell I won't be able to blog for a whole month. So not fair. We have rights too.

  8. Once a month? Not acceptable from Two Legs.

  9. A shame, but definitely better than never-mus, dear Maximus!

  10. Whenever we get to see you is wonderfulmuss!

  11. dear mr. dinners: please to inform maximum awesumus that if alls we gets of him is once-a-munthamus, we will accept that. howsomever, we is furry crabilated about it, an' hopes you will relent an' find some way fur him to bloggify more. we finks you can do it!! er, pleasimus? thank you.

    edmund, nitro, xingxing, an' igmu the evil

  12. Oh Maximus we wish we could see you more, but as long as we get our once a month Maximus fix we will be ok with that! Have fun out in the sun! We will see you next month (but if you can figure it out and post without him that would be good too!)

  13. I offer to be your publicist and do your posts for you - for free!!
    call me

  14. Yes, you will always be Maximus.

  15. Perhaps Two Legs will find more time in the near future. Sometimes we have to be patient.

  16. You are a very cute Maximus, enjoy the sunshine.

  17. estimable mr. dinners: we hopes you is still on two legs (or 4 [unflattened] wheels, as the case may be), and are able to pass on our message to maximus:

    we greetimus you, and hopes you has plenty of safe adventurmus!