Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Maximus Monthly Meow : I Is Cheeky

Two Legs say 'Isn't he getting chubby cheeks?'....I is. I is even more magnificent with chubby cheeks.

Two Legs also say 'He is going for the chop soon.'.......What is 'chop'? I as eaten a bit of chop before. It taste good. How is I 'going for the chop'? I don't knowsimuss....

I Is getting too bigs for my blanky but I will always love my blanky and lie on it - even if I hangs over the edge.

Does any one know what Two Legs means by 'going for the chop'? I is confused.

I want to post more often but Lady Two Legs has no idea, Young Two Legs is not here much no more and Man Two Legs keeps whizzing off (as he calls it....whizzing? What is whizzing?) in funny box on wheely things that makes horrible noise and frightens me.

Whatever he does in funny wheely box must be fun though as he always is laughing about other Two Legs he lets in it.

Two Legs can be very weird sometimes.

....What is 'chop'?

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS and I 'as finally spokens again


  1. Hi Maximus! We think that the chop they are talking about is probably a hoo-ha-ectomy! That is when they take your boy bits away. It sounds bad but really it is ok - you feel a lot less crazy afterwards. Other than that we don't notice much of a difference. Whatever - it makes the moms happy when it happens, we know that from our mom and the other kitty blogs.

    We miss seeing you more but we love that you do a monthly update because we know we get to see you at least once a month that way! Your cheeks are a bit chubby - it is very cute on you! And we think you are smart to stick with your blankie even if it is small for you now - never abandon something you get such comfort from!

    And the funny wheelie box - oh we hate those things! Our mom leaves in one sometimes too - and sometimes we have to go in it - and we hate it! We don't get it either, why they like them so much!

    Well, we are glad to see you - we look forward to seeing you next month!!

  2. Maximus Spittimus! Where have you been oh wise and wonderful one? :-) Your centurions are pretty sure you had cheekbones the last time we looked. But now you are definitely a bigger more magnificent Maximus than ever! Even with your blankie!

    Me and Charlie think your chop is like the snip snip that happens inside a v-e-t-s arena. We think it is what all the manly kitties have done to make them into proper gladiators. Honest.


    We we wish you all the best with your chop ceremony and salute our great leader with lots of purry hugs!!
    Take care

  3. Uh oh, sounds like your hoo-ha-ectomy is coming up very soon! Don't worry, it will be over before you know it and you won't miss those things anyway! Best of luck with the chop!

  4. So great to see you Maximus; we've missed you, but glad Two Legs is letting you post monthly updates...We love your cute chubby cheeks=Halle is very skinny but still has chubby cheeks too!...Best of luck with the chop sweetie; we hear it's not a big deal and you will feel much better afterwards...As always, we send you big hugs and lots of kisses, you handsome boy...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Maximus: Truth--before the chop they STARVE you for a full evening! Make sure you hide somtehing good to eat against the day of the "chop". That's the worst part, though. You get to sleep through the actual chopping and the drugs they give you are excellent, man...and afterwards you can cavort with the ladies with impunity. It's a win-win!

  6. We have missed you, Maximus! Your cheeks are divine according to our Mom.

    Good luck with the chop. 9 lived through it quite well. We're sure you will too since you have the ginger spirit!

  7. Do you think he means steak? I don't know you need to keep us posted on what it means. You have the most adorable cheeks. Keep us posted and have a great weekend.

  8. Nice to see you Maximus as we have missed you. You are growing up to be a gorgeous kitty. I think that chop means a trip to the V E T is looming. Dont worry though as they look after you, you just come home meowing two tones higher.. Hugs GJ xx

  9. We missed you Max, yep, time for the manbits to come off.

  10. I missed you Maximus! Don't you worry about the chop, you'll feel much better in no time. Elizabeth had to have the girlie version - she was very unhappy before and much better after! But be sure and make Two Legs keep us posted.

  11. We hate to tell you this, Maximus, but it means they're going to steal the part of you that makes you a...well, let's just say if you had any plans on enjoying the company of a ladycat, you can forget about it.

    George & Max S.

  12. the chop is no big deal Maximus! I did it to my ex-husband and he's just fine

    your cheeks are beautiful, all of you is beautiful and you'll be fine

    I am so glad to see you!

  13. We think the chop must be a BBQ for your birthday. Are you having a birthday soon? Well, we could be wrong. But we hope it's a BBQ.

  14. Oh poor Maximus.

    And I like your cheeks, you are very handsome

  15. Hey, Maximus, where'd you go? They didn't chop off too much, did they? Are you okay? Do you need help? Should we send Buddy, Sam and Merci looking for you? They're very good at following a scent trail. We hope you're okay. All the 2 legs too.