Friday, 9 April 2010

Stray Cat Strut

Two Legs says this is my song.....I isn't stray cat! I is cat with home! My home! I lets Two Legs stay 'cause they feeds me and stuff! He think I is stray???? Two Legs is loony!!!!

Just 'cause I climbs trees and chases birdies he thinks I is acting like stray?

I see's my first butterfly today and I is so shocked I falls off plantpot. Is that what stray does? No!

Two Legs is good to me. He cuddles me and feeds me but he say I is like stray?

I might have to scratch him when he sleeps for saying such a thing!

I do likes song though.....and I suppose I do strut a bit....and why not?

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS. I is strutting cat. I has spokens.....


  1. I'm sure that Two Legs meant no harm. And you do strut quite well.

  2. You are the all conquering, all powerful stair master, Supreme tree climber and Butterfly phobic Maximus Spittimus!

    We are not worthy!!!

    But me and Charlie are swooning to the leather and the beat of Stray Cats struttin their cool stuff!


    Take care

  3. I am sure two legs loves you no matter what. You be careful on those trees. Have a great weekend and so happy you saw your first butterfly.

  4. Don't worry, Maximus, you wildly handsome boy, we think Two Legs is picking on you because you are enjoying your outdoor adventures so much...It's really cool you saw your first butterfly!...Happy weekend...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. I think he meant that you strut like a stray cat
    Peoples never know what they're talking about anyway

    You absolutely have a home!
    A really good home

  6. Wow you an climb trees well.. But a stay no way.. HUgs GJ x

  7. You are a strut cat, not a stray cat!

  8. You are a handsome boy and you are so very lucky to have such great Two Legs!

    And your two Legs is at least as ugly!

  9. Of course cats strut because cats are cool!

  10. Oh I think it must be because it is such a cool song! (for a cool Maximus) I think you will have your home forever and ever!

  11. We don't think that sounds too bad - it is a good song, and if he thinks it is good for you maybe it is because the ladies like you - the song talks about that too!