Thursday, 1 April 2010

Maximus Is Backimus

I claim the stairs as the official territory of Maximus Spittimus. Besides, I can trip up Two Legs as they go up and down. This is good fun. Especially last week when man Two Legs couldn't even step over me 'cause his bottom hurt. hehehehe
Just so's you know as I have had to be absent 'cause of Two Legs Botty - very inconsiderate of him I might adds...does he not know I am the only reason his entire universe exists??? - Blacky is now coming into house and eatings.
The Bumbles still thinks she is in charge and lords it over us on top of the microwave....and no, I hasn't a clue what a microwave is - although man Two Legs said 'If you jump on my bottom again I will microwave you!'...What he means?
DJ of the shiny eyes - have you seen his eyes always shine in piccies? He must be possessed! - has been napping in man Two Legs chair 'cause man Two Legs couldn't sit down.
Scampi always sits on backs of chairs. I like Scampi lots but he is weird cat.....
'Cause man Two Legs gets hot easy lady Two Legs turns heating down 'til he is better but gets colds so puts dressing gown on her it is my dressing gown and my is only right and proper.

Man Two Legs say he take me to see you tomorrow to see what you are doings.

I 'as missed you.

I is Maximus Spittimus and I 'as spokens.


  1. wecome back Max, we all missed you,too!

  2. Love all the kitty photos; we've missed you too, Maximus!...We are so glad to hear Blackie is coming into the house to eat=he is very lucky to have found your family to take care of him!...We love you, sweet boy!,,,xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. We've missed you too!!! Wow, DJ has some very powerful laser eyes!

  4. Hail the Stair Master!

    Maximus Spittimus wherefore hast thou been?

    Me and Charlie, your humble centurions, are most glad to hear that Man Two Legs's botty is doing ok now. LOL!

    But we are more glad to see Blacky, The Bumbles, DJ and Scampi and nice Lady Two Legs because we've not met them yet (apart from Blacky..).

    Hail, hail, hail! All hail!


    Take care

  5. Hi Maximus! We have missed you too! We are glad that man two legs is feeling better! We think the stairs are great too - but we don't suggest tripping anyone because you could risk hurting the person who gives you food, and food is super important!

  6. Ave Maximus! Welcome back. We have missed you too. To speak true, we have no idea what a condo is, but since our Two Legs is happy about it, we are happy too :)

    So glad Dinners is feeling better!

  7. lady two legs is a good human to share her dressing gown with you
    you look very cozy

    I am so happy that Blackie is coming in and eating
    Your Two Legs are very good people

  8. Tell that cat to get off microwave before he mutates

  9. Welcome back Max we missed you.. Thanks for the tour of the kitties as its nice to see them all.. Glad two legs is feeling better.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. We 'as missed you too, Maximus!

  11. Welcome back. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  12. If you finds a funny-looking egg on the carpet, please to NOT whap it under the 'fridge.

    If you DO whap it under the fridge, please to let 2-legs know, as it will become very stinky otherwise.

    This Public Serivce Announcement from Kili
    (who knows)

  13. I missed you too! That is a super cute pic of you on the stairs! You may trip me up any time.